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Your full full November 15, Child Labour in Bangladesh Answer No The presenter did not restate the research question in the introduction. The introduction is very small. There is no such sentence in the introduction, which can attract the audience towards the presenter. The introduction starts with a very simple and general sentence, which says that in recent years, child labour has become a serious issue in many countries around the world. I think we all know this fact already. There is nothing new in it. There is no hooking sentence, which can attract the audience.

The second line of the introduction is somewhat good as it goes with the topic of the presentation. However, overall introduction is not very appealing as it goes without restating the research topic. Answer No: 2 The questions for the presentation were regarding causes and prevention methods for child labor. Although some ways were presented in the presentation but they were very short. Both questions were accommodated in a couple of slides, which are very less considering the importance of the issue. In one slide, the presenter has written the causes and in the next slide, the prevention methods were stated.

There are no explanations of any of the causes or prevention methods. Answer No: 3 Child labor has become a serious issue in many countries around the world. Child labour is any work which forces children away from school and compels them to endure physical stress owing to hard work under hostile and hazardous workplace settings. In Bangladesh, the percentage of child labor is high. Some of the causes of child labour include poverty, lack of education, and lack of regulation.

There also exist some prevention measures for child labour, such as, reduction in poverty, providing education to children, and creating laws and regulation regarding child labour. Answer No: 4 No area in the presentation was explored properly. The presentation was very short whereas the topic was the one, which could have been explored in detail. The section in which the presenter mentioned some of the causes of child labour should have been explored properly. Similarly, the presenter also did not explore the prevention measures. The presenter could have written on impact of child labour on the economy of Bangladesh. Answer No: 5 Yes, the presenter did demonstrate understanding of the topic.

However, he did not explain anything properly. There was a good outline of the presentation as it should have been but the explanations were missing in everything. Speaker notes is an important section of a presentation, which demonstrates the presenter’s level of understanding of the topic. But that section is missing in the presentation. Answer No: 6 Yes, there is some scholarly literature included in the presentation. The presenter did not use any citations within the presentation but the references are there in the references section.

Answer No: 7 I believe that the topic was very good as it was about a very important issue. However, the way it was presented was not very appropriate. The presenter provided very general ideas and skipped explanations. Answer No: 8 No, the conclusion was very inappropriate as it just stated one sentence, which was again very general. Works Cited Not required

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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