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The paper "The Risks Associated with the Production of PVC" is a brilliant example of a term paper on business. In the aspect of environmental issues, I chose to discuss and outline the risks associated with the production of PVC, and the strategies that the company takes to ensure that there is minimal pollution o the environment. An example of such a company is the hydro polymers limited, which specializes in the production of plastics and nylons. Though highly pollutant, the production of the plastics can be controlled if the proper procedure is followed.

The hydro polymer company is devoted to maintaining low pollution levels that will contribute to the improvement of the environment which is less polluted. This is done through the accomplishment of the environmental management systems. In addition, in accordance with the ISO 14001illustrates to the customer that the company is serious and willing to amend changes that will see it does not contribute to the pollution of the environment (Reed 2009). Environmental issues with PVC PVC is a strong and durable oil and chemical resistant, that is not affected by flames or weathering.

It is used in the bottling of drinking water, construction materials, leather imitation, and furnishing. The pollution of the environment through the production n of PVC is through, extraction and decontamination of the after products. PVC is a non-degradable material that does not break up from structure even after a decade or two, but rather become small in shape. It is also harmful to the animal when they digest as it indigestible which may lead to a scenario of blocked digestive tract system. It is not exposable through burning as it only produces dioxin which is poisonous to any living creature.

In a nutshell, the overall consequences of PVC are highly risky to both global issues and human beings. The risks posed to human beings are cancer, respiratory complications, kidney failure, and neurological damage. In some instances, birth defects may be detected in areas where the concentration of PVC is high and it leaves poisonous dioxin waste as it burns with the immense blaze. Hydrogen chloride is also emitted prior to the incineration of the product.

(Reed 2009). Corporate function The quality assurance department in the hydro polymer limited ensures that the company produces a customary self-determining public statement on its ecological performance through the EMAS statement. The environmental system management ensures that Hydro Polymer Company complies with modern rules and guidelines. Environmental correctional procedures There is a lot of cost-effective alternatives that are readily available which may be adopted to prevent health hazards from the harmfulness of the PVC, to humans and the environment at large. There are some alternatives to using PVC plastic which is cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

An example of a vinyl product that can be substituted is flooring.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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