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Company Report Assignment # 2 First Ann Inc. (NYSE: ANN) Website: http www. anninc. com Main headquarters address: 142 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019 Name and location of related companies: Ann Taylor, LOFT, Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet. As of last year, it has 950 stores located in 46 states. Full description of the company: ANN is an American company which caters to women. It provides specialty apparel like accessories, dresses, weekend wear, styled suits, shoes, and casual separates. Operating profitability: As of 2011, the company reported an operating income of $54.7M, a net income of $32.3M, with a total weighted average square footage of 4% due to the opening of 75 new stores.

Description of how firm differs from its competitors: The company, for over half a century, is focused on womens clothing needs, whether it be for home, work, or play. Description of internship opportunities: By the end of 2011, ANN opened new stores in different states, which menas more opportunities for employment. The company is an advocate for equal employment opportunity, so race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, alienage or citizenship status, age, disability or handicap, sex or gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws, will not get in the way of an opportunity to be hired. Description of executive or management training programs, and career paths: ANNs strategy in developing their pool of talents is based on an individualized approach.

They focus on individual talents to drive their business growth. This means that ANN is keen in providing several trainings to carefully identify the talents of their employees, and utilize them to the companys advantage.

This sounds like a good company criterion for any aspiring employee. They have developed training strategies that they call “Taylored to Your Growth. ” Advantages and disadvantages of joining the firm: The advantages of joining the company are vast, most of them self-explanatory because the company is not only well-established, but also widely-respected in its industry. The downside is that due to its name, the competition for a position will also be vast and very diverse. Other pertinent information: ANN is a well-known company that no one will doubt how nice it will be to work for such a big name.

Aside from competitive salaries, ANN provides the following benefits: Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Vision Benefits, Life Insurance, Short-term Disability Plan, Long-term Disability Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program, 401k Savings Plan, Pension Plan, Tuition Assistance Program, Associate Discount Stock Purchase Plan, Savings Bonds, Adoption Assistance Program, Employee Assistance Program, Paid Time Off, and Merchandise Discount. List all sources for information: http: //www. anninc. com/ http: //www. google. com/finance? cid=655766 http: //investing. businessweek. com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot_article. asp? ticker=ANN: US http: //www. careerbuilder. com/Jobs/Company/C8D3MF6HTDWG5R8QXXJ/ANN-INC/ http: //gmj. gallup. com/content/25351/how-ann-taylor-invests-talent. aspx First Name: Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS) Website: http: //www. barnesandnobleinc. com Main headquarters address: 122 5th Ave, New York City, New York Name and location of related companies: It was last reported that BKS has 1,341 stores nationwide, plus 636 college bookstores.

BKS is related to Barnes & Noble Booksellers, B. Dalton, Scribners Bookstores, Bookstop, Doubleday Bookstores, Sterling Publishing Co. , and SparkNotes, and operates under these 3 segments: B&N Retail, B&N College and B&N. com. Full description of the company: BKS is a commerce, content, and technology company that offers access to books, newspapers, magazines, and other content to customers via multi-channel distribution platform.

Its main business is the sale of books (falling mainly under the paperback and hardcover category), eBooks and other digital content, childrens books, mass market paperbacks (mainly those falling under the popular fiction category), gifts, educational games and toys, online related products and accessories, cafe products and services, and even bargain books. It also provides music and movies to its customers. Operating profitability: of company (annual volume, square footage, stock market status, number of employees, etc. ) With approximately 30,000 employees, BKS has a vast market demography of approximately 40M customers worldwide.

Also, BKS sells approximately 300M books annually. As of 2001, BKS operating income is reported to be at $65.3M, a net income of $73.9M, and a total equity of $820M. BKS total assets to date amounts to approximately $3.6B. Description of how firm differs from its competitors: The company differs from its competitors because of its systematic multi-channel distribution platform, which allows it to cater to more customers internationally. Description of internship opportunities: Admittedly, for a company as big as BKS, employment or internship opportunities are rare to be seen online.

There are a few, but the most recent ones have very specific requirements. Furthermore, just like with any other big names in the retail industry, job competition here must be very high. Description of executive or management training programs, and career paths: The website does not say much about training programs that the company offers to employees. Advantages and disadvantages of joining the firm: While some people may think that the predictability and tedium of selling books is not so appealing, one of the great advantages of working in BKS is the homey atmosphere in the bookstores.

Not all jobs offer a cozy ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. For booklovers, getting discounts on books will certainly be a plus factor in choosing BKS for an employer. Other pertinent information: BKS is a big name in the book-selling industry. This is not a company that will close anytime in the next year or so. There is a big chance of career growth should an employee with to stay with them. The company sponsors competitive and comprehensive benefit programs that go along with the attractive salary that the company offers.

It is said that BKS offers one of the most generous 401(k) plans in the country. List all sources for information: http: //www. barnesandnobleinc. com/jobs/jobs. html http: //www. marketwatch. com/investing/stock/bks/profile http: //www. google. com/finance? q=Barnes+%26+Noble%2C+Inc. First Name: Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) Website: http: //www. target. com Main headquarters address: Target Plaza North & Target Plaza South Minneapolis, Minnesota Name and location of related companies: There are over 1700 store locations all across the U. S. Full description of the company: TGT runs Target general merchandise stores all over the country. It has 1767 stores nationwide as of 2011. It is tough to differentiate Target from its other competitor such as Walmart, but it is already a “nice-to-know” fact that TGT is a Fortune 500 company.

It sells general merchandise and food assortment. Operating profitability: With over 350,000 employees, TGT reported an operating income of $4.5B, a net income of $3B, with the total equity of $15.4B. Its assets reached $44.5B and still growing. Description of how firm differs from its competitors: It is tough to know immediately how the company differs from its competitors since upon visit to the websites, they appear to be just a regular retail store company. However, they strategize towards being the fastest-growing retail store online. Description of internship opportunities: On their website, several career opportunities are categorized according to job requirements or specifications.

They even cater to undergraduates, offering several job opportunities from marketing to management. In 2011, Businessweek listed Target as one of the ideal employers for undergraduates. Description of executive or management training programs, and career paths: According to reviews from Target employees, the company is a great lace to work in, no matter how stressful the environment may be. What is interesting here is how a lot of employees almost say the same thing: “you should have what it takes to do the work. ” It is still uncertain if that means Target does not offer much training to its employees.

However, this does not mean that promotion is impossible. On the contrary, promotion is very possible so long as the individual has the inherent skills to move to the top. Hardwork is basically the main thing that employees say if one wants to get promoted. Advantages and disadvantages of joining the firm: Probably one of the disadvantages of joining the firm is the big chance to be placed at POS stations.

In a store as large as Target, being a check-out cashier not only demands ones multi-tasking ability, but also ones patience as being one of the companys frontliners to the customers. Other pertinent information: Target is under the controversy that it provides low-cost merchandise at the expense of its employees earning low wages. However, on their website, Target proudly enumerates the benefits that go along with its compensation package. Target offer s medical and dental coverage, plus discount at Target Pharmacy.

However, aside from the usual benefits a worker acquires, what is striking with Targets compensation package is their Choice Auto + Home insurance and Daycare Flexible Spending Account. Tuition reimbursement and Adoption Assistance Reimbursement are also part of the package. List all sources for information: http: //sites. target. com/site/en/company/page. jsp? contentId=WCMP04-030796 http: //www. google. com/finance? q=target

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