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The paper "Conflict Preparation Stages" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. Initiation - At the initiation stage, I want to know what the overall intentions of the clients are and what outcomes they require. At this stage, it is important to know what clients are actually preparing for and what their overall expectations are. Both parties to the conflict will be sitting for the mediation, therefore, I expect that both parties at this stage would be prepared to find a solution to the overall problem. Layout - At this stage, I expect both parties to actually start the negotiation process in a calm and peaceful manner.

Since at this stage, both parties would be actually negotiating, therefore, I want them to be peaceful and mindful of the overall context of the conflict also. I also expect that both the parties at this stage would be ready for a solution however, I would be offering them the opportunity to actually find a solution on their own. However, if there are conflicting points at this stage, I would be ready to help them to sort out this. Solution - At this stage, I would ask them to finalize the solution they agreed upon if they were any.

However, once they agree on the solution, I would make an attempt to formalize the solution and make a formal announcement. I would be asking both parties to actually make a real effort to reconcile their differences and abide by what has been decided during the mediation process. I would also be expecting them to remain cordial to each other in the future and avoid future conflicts.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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