Essays on Conflict Resolution (no Cover Page Please) Coursework

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Can this study provide suggestions for how to deal with conflict between nations? If so, make suggestions based on the study’s findings. The study can provide suggestions for how to deal with conflict between different countries. In the past, conflict between communities was so much easier to resolve as it only revolved around specifically the two countries in question. However, at the moment, whenever there is a conflict between two countries there is a chance that other states are likely to join in as a way of offering support to the country they are in favour of.

This further makes it harder when resolving conflicts between the countries (Deutsch and Kraus, 1960). This may further lengthen the periods of conflict resolution. The article elaborates that the determining factor for successful conflict resolution is if both parties to the dispute are willing to give and take in order to reach a solution in which both parties get to benefit. The mistake that most countries make while trying to resolve conflict between them is imagining that they can use their bargaining power as a threat to get the other country to yield to their demands.

Truth of the matter is, countries depend on each other in some way so each country is bound to have some form of advantage to use as a counter threat. According to Deutsch and Kraus (1960) state, that use of threat during conflict resolution is likely to hold the conflict resolution at a standstill hence derailing the entire process. Using threats during conflict resolution results in psychological warfare in which each country is likely to not give in to three basing this on the notion that giving in would be a sign of weakness.

Furthermore, one party choosing to yield to the other party’s threat is likely to deem more expensive in the end as compared to in an instance where they continue with the conflict resolution for a while longer. ReferenceDeutsch, M., & Krauss, R. M. (1960). Theories in social psychology, Morton Deutsch and Robert M. Krauss. Journal of abnormal and social psychology 1960 Vol. 61, No. 2 181-189.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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