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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Approach Mixed Research Approach Determining effective promotional strategies for Link Communication is a ive and objective investigation for which a mixed research approach shall be taken. Data Collection One of the key elements for evaluating Link Communication’s consumers and their receptiveness towards the company’s marketing strategies is data. Data collection shall be carried out to serve the two tier research approaches – that is qualitative and quantitative. Primary Data Primary data generated directly from Link Communication will include: Company reports Financial statements Information from website Press releases Primary data are valuable for studying trends, performance level, and positioning of the company in terms of consumers can be generated through: Questionnaire surveys Interviews with staffs Focus group discussion These primary resources shall be used in conjunction with quantitative analysis.

Secondary Data Qualitative analysis requires exploration and evaluation of Link Communication’s relative positioning, operations and relationship with the external environment which can be carried out through: 4 Ps (Place, Product, Promotion, Price) SWOT Analysis PESTLE Analysis Porters Five Force. Secondary resources refer to third party literature which may be applied to the current investigation; they are necessary for generating options for evaluation.

Previous studies on the same topics, theories of marketing and strategies shall be studied by reviewing: Journal articles Marketing books and articles Online databases Print media These will be used in conjunction with the qualitative method to understand the current marketing strategies and propose future ones. Research Methodology Qualitative Research Methodology Grounded Theory Grounded theory involves focus groups and interviews to be analysed with the theoretical framework. The purpose is to enable the researcher to apply theories on Link Communication and predict how factors like costs, operational process, strategy, competitors and partners, governing the company will affect its future performance.

Ethnography To understand Link Communications customer profile and behaviour, ethnographic research has been chosen. The instruments that will be used in ethnographic research include: • Interviews with client /questionnaires enable feedback • Focus groups to get a better insight as to what consumers want The researcher believes the above instruments appropriate for this research because they: • Generate information helpful in structuring consumer questionnaires. • Provide background information on product. • Secure impressions on new product concepts. • Emphasise on consumer preference. • Identify product receptiveness and resilience by customers. • Provide insight into consumer choice. Quantitative Research Analysis Quantitative analysis of Link Communication shall be carried out by using reports, profit and loss statements, financial statements, website statistics, and performance charts from major databases such as World Bank and Chartered Institute of Marketing.

They will help compare the firm’s performance with industry and global performances. Research Ethics To ensure the whole research process complies with research ethics participant personal data, trade information, and management business secrets shall be treated with utmost respect. Focus group participants’ information will be used with their consent. Corporate trade information shall be included with the companys permission.

Trade information from competitors, suppliers, and other associated organisations shall be included with approval from the right authority. References Bryman A. & Bell E. (2006) Business Research Methods, 2nd edition. Oxford University Press Dawson, C. (2007) A Practical Guide to Research Methods. How To Books. Saunders, M., Adrian Thornhill A., Lewis P., (2009) Research Methods for Business Students. 5th edition. Financial Times/Prentice Hall

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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