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1.0 IntroductionMagnetic resort seeks to establish a new family resort on the Australian island of Florence Bay magnetic island. The majestic 3.5 star resort will have a bed capacity of 400 people and will offer accommodation, sightseeing, restaurant, bars, golf course and travel agency. Magnetic resort is thus a service organization that needs to understand the complexity involved in marketing services. The lifeline of service organization is their customers, if a service organization does not keep its customers satisfied then it will not survive in a competitive business environment.

The quality of service in the tourism is especially important and every component of the services provided by the Magnetic Resort must be customer focused. For long-term survival and growth the resort must develop a strong service delivery cultures that ensures they deliver excellent services to their customers. The resort must thus incorporate the theories and models of quality and performance management if the resort is to be able achieve its business goals. In the case of the Magnetic resort, it has to deal with a local culture that is not used to delivering high quality services.

Since, the resort is to be established in the Townsville area most of its business interaction will be influenced by the local business culture. It is expected most of the resorts employees will come from Townsville and also some of the services that may be contracted to local businesses will be provided by residents of Townsville. Magnetic resort is worried that these workers may bring the weak service delivery culture to the resort therefore impeding its delivery of excellent service. The purpose of this report is to advice Magnetic Resorts on how they can design a business culture that is free from impediments of the local service culture.

The report provides principles of performance and quality management that Magnetic Resort can adopt to ensure it develops a culture of Performance excellence. 2.0 Performance Excellence approachFor the purpose of this report the Balridge Criteria for Performance Excellence Framework: A Systems Perspective to performance management is to be adopted 2.1 Baldrige OverviewThe Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework is widely used in the US to increase the competitiveness of US companies on the Global scene.

This framework uses a focused and systematic approach to managing performance in organizations (Evans et al, 2012). If the Magnetic resort successfully implements the Balridge approach it can benefit from the following results of using the model: The magnetic resort will be able to deliver constantly improving services to its clientele therefore leading to realization of Excellency in service deliverMagnetic resort as an organization will have improved its effectiveness and capabilities as Service marketer. Organizational and personal learning goal are achieved. The Balridge Performance excellence framework works through a set of core values.

These Values and concepts are: Organizations must have visionary leadership in order to excel in performance over the long-term. Customer focus should guide the performance of an organization. An excellent organization should give opportunities for Organizational and Personal learningTo excel an organization should value its staff and partnersAn Organization should be agile in implementing strategyA company should orient its strategies to the future. Management should encourage innovation. It should be socially responsibleIt focus on achieving results and creating valueIt has system wide view of excellence

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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