Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility And Globalisation Assignment

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IntroductionCorporate Social Responsibility refers to a daily and unending commitment and focus by corporate businessto ensure that they conduct the business activities ethicallyin a way that contributes toeconomic developments. It is also a measure by companies to ensure that their workforce live in a better and improved lifestyles and commit themselves to improving the lives of people in the entire society in which they operate. Going by the recent trends in the global business, corporate social responsibility continues to be a topic of high concern attracting extensive research from scholars across the globe (Wynhoven and Jeff, 2004).

Because of these researches and the importance of the matter, many business people, governments, and other agencies keep attributing their support for it. In the present world, multinational companies are taking controls of the society by being more influential unique compared to private enterprises that existed in the last few decades. With this regard, it is evident that the future of humanity will greatly depend on commitment to corporate social responsibility by the multinational companies. In general, according to Carroll and Buchholtz (2003), corporate social responsibility refers to general opportunities presented to the public by corporate companies at any given particular time.

The general overview of corporate social responsibility indicates that organizations come up with principles to guide them on how to behave ethically in order to present good reputation to the public. The importance of corporate social responsibility is that it generates a phenomenon for creating and improving a mutual and permanent relationship between business and community, which serve as the two dynamic individuals involved in business. However, according to Davis, Whitman and Zald (2006), proprietors and managers of most multinational organizations over time developed habits that allowed them to involve in activities that we currently term as corporate social responsibilities.

The main idea, and up to date is to improve company relationship with stakeholders, improve employee lifestyles, and contribute towards community development. The main driver for corporate social responsibility in global stage today is the NGOs. Therefore, trade unions, consumers, and shareholders in their capacity as players in the multinational business corporations, play an important role in CSR issue. This is because CSR issues keep on taking center stage in multinational companies and hence becomes of much concern (Wynhoven and Jeff, 2004).

The implications and focus of such groups in multinational companies majorly tend concentrate on environmental issues such as pollution, improved working conditions, and adherence to human rights and labor laws. Furthermore, multinational companies appreciate the fact that media channels have the potential of exposing their activities to the public. This compels such companies to ensure that they always stick to ethical behavior in the fear that their reputation may suffer a great damage in the event where media reports acts that violate CSR activities.

Together, these priorities by organizations to protect their reputations lead to a scenario where multinationals perceive CSR from a negative perspective. However, CSR is important in all that that it advocates for companies to engage in improving environmental issues and fostering community development as well that those activities it discourages companies from doing such asengaging child labor and violation of human rights.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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