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Creativity in MarketingCreativity can be defined as identifying and describing new ideas which are novel and helpful. It is therefore important to note that individual and group creativity plays a crucial role in various phases of marketing practices (Boone 2007). To be truly creative, an innovation has to adequately demonstrate “radical newness”. In inclusive are those circumstances in which the problem or opportunity as initially indicated was vague and lacked a clear definition. Therefore part of the task involves the formulation of the problem itself. This has brings about a meaning for marketing and the ability of the firm to be more-market oriented. There are different references to creativity as far as marketing is concerned.

Areas that involve creativity in marketing include advertising, personal selling, and the development of new products (Gagnon 2003). In advertising, for instance, creativity is used to illustrate the section of an advertisement that entails the artwork which explains the attractiveness or basic selling method of the advert and how the appeal will be expressed to a given target market (Coe 2003). Creativity is usually applied in the perspective of ‘creative selling’ in personal selling and there is usually no specific reference to the literature of creativity or the exact meaning of ‘creativity’.

In the development of new product, the word ‘creativity’ can be used to describe how individuals or teams can fully identify and execute new product ideas. Creativity involves imaginatively gifted recombination of the various known elements into something new. Basing on this fact, a creative resolution may not essentially require new workings but can basically incorporate the accessible knowledge in a more helpful way.

This form of understanding has implication for upstream marketing activity which includes target needs of the customers and the assessment of competitive benchmarking. For instance, it may be clear that the tracking of customers needs continuous efforts in data collection; creativity in this case can easily help in the identification of new resources once they are identified (Dahlen 2008). One other explanation of what creativity means in marketing indicates that to be creative, there is need for a solution to have value. This form of application is mainly applicable in an era where the management function of marketing information is participating basically in pursuing a unique competitive advantage for the organization (Fillis 2004).

The aim of the newness as well as the imaginatively gifted recombination may be meaningless incase they can not bring forth the value-added outcome. Conditions of Creativity in marketingBoth individuals and teams that are considered to be highly competent may not be able to perform equally. The main reason s that various preconditions are supposed to met and certain organizational components marshaled to assist individuals as well as teams to be more creative.

The Couger Center for Creativity provides a 4-p model of creativeness in different contexts. The model provides a basis for the application of both structure and techniques for the facilitation of creativity in marketing (Hoffman 2005). The application of creativity4-P’s modelThe model represents creativity as a form of dynamic phenomenon that comprises of four components that are highly interactive. The components include; person, process, product and press. Press generally refers to the working climate. The simplicity of the model enables individual measurement as well as the evaluation of the interaction of the various components.

One other strength of the model is that it can be applicable to a given specific functional organization, for instance marketing section or marketing research department. It can also be applicable to the organization as a whole. The four Ps in this case are described in reference to both marketing management and marketing research practice (Jenkins 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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