Essays on The Politics of Crisis Management Report

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The paper "The Politics of Crisis Management" is a great example of a report on management. Sudden unforeseen damage or suffering caused by humans or upheavals in nature requiring immediate attention accounts for the crisis. It’ s a calamity occurring any time to anybody taking any form like fire, bomb threat, or any other terrorist activity, burglary, earthquake, storm, tornadoes, etc causing complete destruction to life or property. In case of a crisis, it is a duty of agency or person concerned to deal with it in the most effective manner. For the case study, I took Ewood Park football stadium, an avenue for Blackburn Rovers Football Club, having a capacity of 31, 514 spectators and has three, two-tier stands, naming Jack Walker stand, The Blackburn End Stand, The Darwen End Stand and fourth is single-tier stand which is River Side End stand.

There is one retail shop also which is located within the stadium complex but it is separated from the stands. Jack Walker Stand, formally known as Nuttall Stand, has a capacity for 11,000 seats and was built in 1990. This stand constitutes dressing rooms and media/conferencing facilities.

It had been renewed in 1984 when a fire erupted in the place during summer and was again rebuilt recently. The Blackburn End Stand has a capacity for 8000 people and stands near Blackburn town. The boardroom at the Nuttall Stand was disgruntled piece by piece and, when rebuilding was over, it was again assembled at the Blackburn End and this is considered to be a main stand of the ground. Another is River Side End renamed Fraser Eagle Stand during 2007-08 with a capacity of 5000 people.

Its structure was replaced in 1985 when it was found as unsafe during high winds. The stand was again opened in 1988. The last one is Darwen end having 8000 seats and houses supporting two-tier stand mirroring Blackburn End. Intention It is very difficult to predict crises as it can come anytime and without knocking. But it is possible to predict the crisis and determine the exact exigency plan and responses for the same. The following case study I have taken of Black Burn Rovers Football Stadium and how its plans and determines strategies in case of any emergency.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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