Essays on Cross-Cultural Communication And International Management Assignment

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The Internet is Changing the WorldWith the advent of the Internet, it is increasingly changing the world. In the early years after the introduction of the Internet around the world, the Internet has only such limitations. It took a little while for the Internet to grow bigger and bigger. Microsoft Corporation is one big company that become an integral part of the internet age. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, took the initiative and grab on to the opportunity and created an Operating System that would be used for the internet with such great ease and that too evolved (Cole, 2003). The creation of the Internet opened doors to a lot of people and companies.

It offers vast opportunities for people from all walks of life. Those people who have disability can now communicate to other people around the world, which with their situation before they can never do in a lifetime. In the current time, these disadvantaged individuals have now ease and comfort in accessing information and communicating efficiently. They can now do business wherever they are. They do not even have to exert effort in relocating or transporting to other places to do their business or everyday activity. The Internet also paved the way for micro, small and medium companies to tap a much bigger market.

The market potential of these enterprises expanded as a result of the Internet usage and adaptation of these businesses. For instance, promotion of the company, product or services can be done through the Internet. Marketing which is the most difficult aspect of entrepreneurship can also be conducted through the computers, network, websites, and others.

Even live one on one business matching can be done with the latest technology. With the emergence of the Internet, there are some companies, though they are not that technically inclined, that created to address certain requirements for website development that would attract the consumers (Gates, 2000). Internet did not only pave the way for people to communicate with their loved ones. It also generated a new way of doing business. Thus, the birth of the E-Commerce and E-Business. According to Gefen (2000), E-Commerce or E-Business is facilitating entrepreneurial transactions and communication through the utilization of computers and networks (Javenpaa, et al. , 2000). .Though the traditional way of doing business still exist, people nowadays would not leave their homes and just browse the internet on things they need at home and order it from the internet.

Business is now easy since almost all the information are available on the Internet. Various types of transactions can be done through the computers and Internet. Systems are now easy to install in the computer. Various systems, software and hardware and the Internet can now be installed and availed.

All these facilitate high technology of doing business. Speed and efficiency are easily achieved nowadays with the advent of the latest technology and the Internet. Productivity which is a common problem before by most business can now be easily achieved. Skills and technical expertise that are hard to source before can now easily be done through the Internet. Outsourcing and insourcing are gaining popularity since they provide fast solutions to the needs of the individuals or companies. Most help that businessmen need can be found on the Internet.

The process of hiring personnel are easy by just posting the availability of jobs on the Internet. Interviews and evaluations of applicants can be done online and through the assistance of some electronic gadgets. .So in retrospect, this technology is slowly changing the way we live our lives. Actually it already had an impact or we have already changed in a manner of speaking and embraced the technology. In fact, the people are so used to these and exposed to such convenience brought about by the latest technology will find difficulty in doing their day-to-day activities without the help of all these.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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