Essays on Cross-Cultural Management Dealing With Singapore And Ghana Assignment

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Cross Cultural Management in relation to Singapore and CanadaExecutive SummaryCross cultural management basically deals with the way different cultures are able to interact and co-exist amicably in relation to business (Hofstede, 1980). This comes about with the existence behavior of people from different cultures. On the other hand culture is basically regarded as a behavior by a particular group of people which arises as a result of common beliefs, language patterns and many others. Management is also viewed as the art of having particular activities by having others do so using the necessary resources.

This is very relevant especially as far as team building is concerned for purposes of productive work. The major purpose of this paper is to make an analysis of how different cultures interact in business, the different conflicts that arise due to the existing differences in the way of operation, and how best these conflicts can be handled or done away with in relation to this paper, reference is made to the situation in Ghana. More to this, a comparison is made in relation to the market status of hawkers in Singapore.

The findings resulting from research on cross cultural management in Ghana, it can be concluded that the country is one that is of a hierarchical nature, which means that usually the people in management are not questioned. According to the research findings, it was noted that between the periods of 1968 to about 1969, the conditions that the hawkers were operating under were very poor. Reference here was made to the hygiene, building, quality of commodities that is food being sold out to the public and the pollution that was caused to the environment due to the poor disposal of wastes. However, the findings show a gradual change in the operations and the quality of commodities due to the participation of the government, involvement of other organizations for instance, the Ministry of Environment, Jurong town cooperation and the Housing Development Board.

More to this, some recommendations have been come up with to improve on the cross cultural management in terms of trade for example training of participants in a number of skills inclusive of cross cultural communication so as to help different people in business to have the same language and understanding irrespective of their differences.

In addition to this, the government of Ghana has got involved in the active enforcement of existing rules for instance making sure that, all stall holders have got licenses which facilitate their operations in the market. This helps in reducing the many conflicts and illegal actions that some of the hawkers had originally adopted. It has also improved the conditions of operating as well. 1.0Introduction: 1.1Structure of Report: This report majorly focuses on the way conflicts can be minimized in cross cultural management situations that arise when carrying out business across borders and within the country itself due to the existence of multiple cultures.

For this particular case, reference is made to Ghana as a case study in relation to Singapore’s new market’s situation; secondly the approaches that are adopted in order to handle issues that arise as a result of conflicts arising from such a situation are given.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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