Essays on Culture Shock Coursework

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Culture Shock 10 November, Culture shock occurs when a different country’s culture runs against the American culture (Knell, 2012). Shock occurs when different cultures collide. The Filipino culture differs from our United States culture. Understanding and accepting other cultures is good for everyone. Example of Culture Shock. I was culture shocked when I conversed with a Filipino acquaintance. There are many Filipinos who have immigrated to our United States. The Filipino acquaintance impressed on me how they treat their elders. Filipino children take care of their parents (Hargraves, 2009).

How my personal assumptions were challenged. My prior personal assumptions about how the other nationalities live were fruitfully challenged. I initially thought that other cultures should be replaced by American culture. After talking to the Filipino acquaintance, my personal assumptions of how people should treat their elderly changed. The Filipino family takes care of their elderly folks. They do not bring their elderly to the home for the aged (Halkias, 2011). What I learned about my own beliefs. I have learned to respect and accept the Filipino culture.

I learned that the American culture on how to take care of the elderly is not the only preferred model (Bryan, 2010). Now, I understand why they hold on to their culture of taking care of their elderly folks (Samovar, 2009). Summarizing, culture shock occurs between people of different nations. Different countries uphold different cultures. The Filipino elderly culture show close family relationships. Overwhelmingly, comprehending and accepting other cultures beneficial shocked me to have an open mind. References: Bryan, N. (2010). Filipino Americans. New York: ABDO Press. Halkias, D. (2011).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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