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The paper "In E-Sports, Video Gamers Draw Real Crowds and Big Money by Nick Wingfield" is a delightful example of an article on technology. In the world of advanced technologies, video games have managed to gain exuberant popularity all over the world excelling music industry and getting closer to the movie business by the size of global revenue. The Tournament for the video game Dota 2 that took place in July, 2014th at Seattle’ s Key Arena once again proved the fact that the game industry could be equated to the professional sport with severe competition.

The event was organized by the Valve Corporation and the reward that the contestants fought for totaled to almost $11 million (Wingfield par. 3). The scale of influence that is caused by video games tournaments fascinates. It is estimated that using the Internet or TV, more than 70 million people in the world watch e-sport (Wingfield par. 10). Attracting numerous of cheering fans, involving the services of professional commentators and being decorated with national flags and confetti rockets, the Seattle event was broadcasted by ESPN2, the cable sports channel.

Each e-sport event plays the function of mass media because companies, for example, such as T-Mobile USA and Coca-Cola, that become sponsors of video games tournaments and championships catch an effective chance to promote their own goods and services. In this respect, the tournament for Dota 2 can be considered as the powerful source of mass media that encourages fans to exchange experiences, impressions, and news with each other. This case is related to the Framing theory of mass communication, which explains how the presentation of the event by the media gatekeepers affects the perception of the audience about it.

Any video games event benefits society by stimulating e-sport, providing entertainment, uniting people, ensuring various job positions, employing workers, getting profits and contributing to the economy of that country where such an event is held. The special site Twitch that allows to stream video of the playing sessions was accessed by more than 55 million people in July helping to raise money out of subscription fees, donations and ads (Wingfield par. 19). One of the biggest positive influences of the e-sports tournaments is that the creation of new jobs and the stimulation of video games to become professional kind of sport diminish the rate of unemployment within the state.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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