Essays on Customer Relationship Marketing: Customer Behaviors When It Comes to Giving as in Donations Research Paper

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The paper "Customer Relationship Marketing: Customer Behaviors When It Comes to Giving as in Donations" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. The concept of fundraising in nonprofit organizations like the Salvation Army is an aspect that has always been given a lot of consideration. It then becomes clear that the ability of such nonprofit organizations to achieve its goals and objectives highly depends on their implicated ability to generate funds through donations from various donors. This paper basically examines the motives and behaviors of customers when it comes to giving as in donations.

This will further point to the understating of the factors that motivate customers to give with regard to the theory of relationship marketing. Customer loyalty and relationship marketing as implicated in the giving of donations to nonprofit organizations as in the case of the Salvation Army are such that can be best illustrated by examining various theoretical concepts. The Theoretical Concept of Giving in Donations In the Philanthropic perspective, individuals are mainly driven by the concept of altruism to make donations to various charitable organizations. With the case of the Salvation Army, it is highly argued that what various individuals experience when in settings put up by its charitable activities tends to foster a kind of sense that creates an obligation to give in donations towards its charitable activities.

The concept of altruism is such that it has emerged into some form of loosely organized theory pointing to charitable giving. The implicated notion in giving with regard to this concept tends to embrace a number of tenets derived from both volunteerism and a number of charitable economic literature elements.

As much as this theoretical context offers to explain the implicated view with regard to the aspect that drives individuals into giving donations, it is lacking in the sense that it does not offer an account of various other theories and how they drive the philanthropic notions of giving donations. A number of aspects especially the concept of altruism with regard to giving to nonprofit making organizations is such that it can not be well understood within a single economic framework. In an effort to best understand the various aspects that possibly drive individuals and organizations into giving donations towards nonprofit making organizations, there is a need to understand other possible elements that motivate the making of the donations. This possibly points to the need to foster a further inquest into various elements that are common to both the voluntary sector and organizational behavior.

When it comes to giving as in donations, individuals are such that can be driven by the desire to win some form of prestige, friendship alongside other objectives that may bear both social and psychological aspects.

To some extent, some individuals are driven to give in donations for the purpose of avoiding the possibility of being scorned by their peers or possibly earning some social acclaim.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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