Essays on Effective Marketing Management of Qatar Airways Research Paper

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The paper "Effective Marketing Management of Qatar Airways" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing.   Contemporary businesses and organizations both local and international, profit and non-profit-making and both small and large are hard-pressed to produce quality, the first time and more importantly every time (Pride & Ferell, 2011). This is because of the changing needs and expectations of the global consumer which has been influenced by the advancement in technology and globalization that has made it easy for consumers to access information (Pickton & Masterson, 2010). In addition to having more informed customers, modern businesses and organizations are faced with the threat of uncertain business and market environments that are characterized by stiff competition and the ever-changing social, political, cultural, technological, economic, legal, financial and environmental market forces as echoed by Wrenn, et al.

(2004). For these reasons, having effective and efficient marketing management systems has been crucial in not only enhancing the profit margins but also ensuring these businesses remain relevant and they sustain their competitive advantage. Kotler & Kevin (2006) indicates that, effective marketing management entails developing strong customer relationships, efficient and reliable business to business partnerships and establishing effective and efficient supply management chains in order to ensure that the needs, tastes, and preferences of the targeted customers are fully met and their expectations are surpassed at the right time, the right place and for the right price.

Effective marketing management allows organizations to identify opportunities, analyze competition, identify industry trends and establish their growth potential as noted by (Kotler, 1997). This informs the basis of this report which seeks to demonstrate and assess the marketing management at Qatar Airways. 3.0 Literature Review Marketing management is a crucial concept in ensuring that organizations are able to meet their anticipated strategic goals thus, registering overall performance and success as argued by Wenderoth (2009).

Marketing management refers to the process of strategizing and implementing ideas and concepts, adopting the right pricing strategies, implementing the most effective promotion strategy, setting the right distribution and communication strategies in order to develop exchanges which are able to meet the needs of the targeted customers while meeting the set organizational goals (Pride & Ferell, 2011).

Gitman & McDaniel (2008) indicate that the main role of marketing management in an organization is to influence the degree, timing, and constitution of demand in such a way, which allows the organization to accomplish its goals. This is achieved by developing effective strategies and decisions in regards to the selection of target markets, choosing marketing penetration strategy, setting the product prices, market positioning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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