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The paper "Design Thinking" is an outstanding example of a business essay.   Design thinking is quite new, but a popular idea in the world of business. Currently, most organizations, some as big as entrepreneurial start-ups, social service organizations, big and well-established corporations as well as the most government are making their experimentations with Design Thinking if it can provide them with an alternative approach to the traditional way of problem-solving  (Brown, 2008). The spectacular rise of Apple and IDEO has really accelerated the rise of Design Thinking idea. As a result, Design Thinking is now seen as an idea that is required to provide approaches that are better ad well packaged to deal with the upcoming pressures for growth and innovation that many organization are facing in today’ s business world.

In as much as the idea of Design Thinking is taking the course and growing at a very faster rate, it can still remain mysterious for those people who would like to just introduce it in their decision-making process. This report will, therefore, try to demystify the idea of Design Thinking. It is well known that designing, when considered as a craft, requires a lot of dedication through education and talent mastery, on the contrary, Design Thinking does not require all that.

It is basically a problem-solving tool. As we go through demystifying the concept, four questions will be applied together with several tools. These four questions, in a sequential mode, enable us to explore the current reality by asking the question “ what is? ” , the envisioning of the new future by asking the question, “ what if? ” , developing some new concepts for the business opportunities by asking the question “ what wows? ” and testing the new product developed in the marketplace by asking the question “ what works? ”   (Jeanne, 2010). The Design Thinking process begins with the gathering of data.

Even before the design thinking process begins, designers usually take a great deal of time to gather the necessary data to jump-start the process. The data is usually on the users on whom the value is to be created. The data collection process is usually done through ethnographic methods which include experience mapping rather than the traditional like surveys or focus groups.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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