Essays on Developing and Implementation of E-Marketing Strategies in Renault Motor Company Limited UK Research Proposal

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The paper “ Developing and Implementation of E-Marketing Strategies in Renault Motor Company Limited UK” is a  convincing example of a research proposal on marketing. Marketing has been exercised for a long period of time since the commencement of trade in the world. it has been in existence in different forms and has advanced over time with technological change and has seen the use of e-marketing in most companies which have had positive results in the recent years. E-marketing combines the creative and technical internet aspects of development, design, and sales together with advertising.

The customer is engaged at different stages of the marketing process through the employment of search engine optimization and marketing, banner Ads on specific websites among other strategies. This study aims to implement e-marketing in Renault motor company with an aim to maintain the customer base and expand the number of consumers of the company’ s product. The study will analyze the marketing situation in the company. The study will identify the marketing opportunities in the company, and finally, provide an implementation plan for the E-marketing strategies in the company. Research objectives: The research study shall be guided by the following research objectives; Identifying marketing opportunities in the company. Identifying the benefits of e-marketing to the company. Developing e-marketing strategies and implementation plans for the company. Research settingRenault is a motor company based in the United States but with branches in the United Kingdom.

Its major market in the United Kingdom; the company produces different car models for different consumer bases. Their products range from personal cars, Vans trucks, and more recently electric cars. The company has a wide range of services to its clients including information on car maintenance, product choice and suitability and provision of vehicle servicing for the Renault clients.

The company faces completion form other major motor companies in the market including Ford Motor Company, Peugeot among others. This has prompted the company to be more creative and aggressive in the market in an attempt to maintain its competitive advantage. Renault motor company’ s performance in the market is not promising when compared to other competitors in the UK yet their main market is in the European countries. This is according to Keynote (2010). On the other hand, Mintel (2010) contradicts this statement and argues that the company is performing well in the market with increasing sales yearly, it has a market share of 4.7% with over 95,000 cars sold in the UK. This study will, therefore, provide an insight into how the marketing strategies currently used, have affected the company’ s performance and how this could be solved or improved by the use of E-marketing strategies. Literature reviewMarketing constitutes several subsets; according to marketing is made up of four aspects termed the 4 p’ s, price, place, promotion, and product.

The four aspects comprise processes, people, and physical evidence. E-marketing is a marketing paradigm that entails the promotion of products and services by utilizing the internet and the World Wide Web. It is a broader scope of marketing which involves digital technologies among them, websites, social networking, and mobile devices, these aides to reach a broader customer base. E-marketing not only takes place through the internet but also through wireless media and through the use of emails. This online marketing is possible through the use of management information systems for customer relationship management.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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