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The effect of culture on my perspective on leadershipError: Reference source not found ConclusionError: Reference source not found Appendices Error: Reference source not foundBibliography 12IntroductionSelf assessment is to determine what skills and abilities one can continue to improve strengths and what skills and abilities are required to develop opportunities for growth. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. I am from Muslim family. My father was Army Officer. I spent my living and studying in different part of Pakistan because of my father job. After completing my Masters degree in Computer Science I worked as a computer consultant in Germany and retail manger in the England.

In 2005 I got married and I had one son. I also speak a German and a little Polish. I am an ambitious and self motivated person who is willing to learn new skills and enjoys meeting new challenges. , I have gained administrative, financial and HR experience. Through these experiences I have gained many skills such as time management and the ability to handle pressure. I feel my main strengths are my organization and attention to detail skills.

I am also able to work on my own initiative and as part of a team, with the ability to multi task when required. I like to perform to the best of my ability, as I have much to offer and I also hope to gain a lot more. My current employment at J Golding Group has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate my communication skills and managerial qualities through working as a team member and managing staff. This has made me a responsible and reliable person, which I find is very important in the work place. Areas in My past where I exercised Leadership role Leadership is a management attribute that an individual can learn from others as argued by the behavioral theory which links leadership to an aspect that can be learnt through observation and teaching.

Basing on the fact that my father was a military officer, I commanded leadership abilities at an early age due to my father’s influence. My father instilled a spirit of working towards what I desired to achieve without the fear of failure, for instance he would support me during my soccer games and encourage me that I can make it, only if I believe in my self. In my early school years I was the science club team leader.

My experience with this particular leadership role was that managing teams can actually be difficult. One of the challenges I experienced included lack of cooperation by some of the team members. It was sometimes difficult to get every member of the team to cooperate as required; this is essentially because some people would wait for others to make contributions as they enjoyed just being part of the science club.

However with time I managed to get every member to cooperate. One of the ways in which I solved the problem of lack of group cooperation was through specifying the responsibility of each group member of the club. This would afterwards result to establishing performance measurements for each individual group member. As a result every member of the club knew exactly what role they were to play in every project, in addition the expected standard of performance was also well communicated to them.

If anyone did not meet the outlined expectations, they would be disqualified from the club.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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