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The paper “ Development of Disaster Plan for Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia” is an exciting example of the business plan on management. The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework that develops a disaster plan for Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah City, a coastal town will be hit in the next 72 hours by a Category 2 Hurricane. As seen in past occurrences, the city is often flooded after hurricanes and is averaged to have 90mm of rain in an hour. The death toll of one of the hurricanes in 2009 was over a hundred and twenty-one persons, and more than six hundred were injured.

The storm left homes and businesses destroyed and various authoritative bodies were criticized for ill-preparedness. This paper aims to avert such scenarios in the future by presenting a structural plan that will aid the city in circumventing disaster and avoiding any casualties through a prior and comprehensive risk assessment that will include evacuation strategies. IntroductionIt is critically imperative to have sufficient and demonstrable disaster management skills that are achieved through adequate training. Appropriate training will ensure an efficient response to the catastrophe.

Several natural disasters occurrences have given disaster management a bad name over the past few years. These disasters have led to the loss of lives and destruction of property. In the past mistakes have been made because of insufficient knowledge that led to fatal consequences. These decisions were a result of a lack of experience, intense pressure, and inadequate information required in managing these occurrences. Nevertheless, sufficient development in Information Technology will be effective in the supervision of emergency services through targeting of digitization processes to achieve the standard target for training capabilities for those who respond to emergencies.

The suggested emergency services of this paper will discuss the disaster plan for Jeddah city in response to the anticipated Category 2 Hurricane as well as address the recovery process. Primary Contemplations on Disaster ReductionSustainability remains a key concept in the development plans of disaster management. Viable vulnerability mitigation will be a key concept in the operations. The program will use six of Dennis Mileti’ s (1999) components that are usually considered when attempting to mitigate a hazard.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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