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. 25TH JULY, 2008The key role of a social worker as stipulated by the statement of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) is to understand, commit to the rights of the child one has been given responsibility of. When a social worker fails to fulfill these duties and instead leaves the child at risk of abuse by either the parents or by the social workers themselves, the status and the reputation of the profession of social work is damaged. (Smith & Blades, 2003) This relates exactly to the high profile case of children abuse by social workers who intimidated children and abuse them in the children's home in Jersey.

The social workers neglected their duties as protectors of the children by abusing them which is unethical in social work professional. Haut de la Garenne a children’s home in Jersey is among some social institutions in the United Kingdom that have faced scandals of children abuse from the workers and the residents. The sort of child abuse in this children’s home was intense and ranged from sexual abuse to murder. Fragments of children’s skulls were found almost everywhere within the institutions vicinity.

This was taken as just claims by the government and the police carried out investigations in Haut de la Garenne following these allegations. The results turned out positive with the police approving the possibilities of abuse even though murder evidences remained inconclusive. Excavations that were carried out by the police in the building’s cellars since February 2008 uncovered several remains of human bodies and other exhibits. Abuse of children in the children’s home in Jersey started as early as 1960’s to 1986when the issue started attracting interest from the public and the government.

However, the government was not fully trusted as politicians in Jersey could cover the story under the carpet just to keep their reputation. For this reason, the issue of child abuse was not tackled as per expectations. On February 2008 when the police tried to carry out the excavation, several victims and other witnesses came out to testify of what had been happening in the children’s home. They were however afraid of the repercussions and only came out to testify after they heard that others were doing so.

Over two hundred victims and witnesses had encountered the abuse in Haut de la Garenne between the forty years period. A developer, who had taken the former children’s home to upgrade it for a youth hostel four years ago, also testified after things came out of what his men found in the cellars that were not even in plan of the building. Other windowless rooms were discovered with a single chair. There was a systematic child abuse in the former children’s home where the victims were dragged down to the cellars, locked up and systematically abused. The government had failed in its duties to protect the rights of the children in Haut de la Garenne.

The acts by the government had not fully covered the establishment and management of social organizations. As a result, the children faced abuse not only from the staff workers, but from the residents of Jersey.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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