Essays on Competitive Strategy and Market Segmentation: Carnival Corporation and Plc Essay

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The paper "Competitive Strategy and Market Segmentation: Carnival Corporation and Plc" is a good example of an essay on business. Carnival Corporation and plc is a leading cruise company in the industry with eleven segmented cruise lines that handle different customers and geographical locations. The segmentation of its operations enables the corporation to extend its services to a larger market. For instance, in the USA market, there are Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise lines, and the Seaborne Cruise Line; In Germany market, there are the AIDA cruises; in the united kingdom market, they have the Ocean Village, Cunard Line, and P& O Cruises; the Italian market has the Costa Cruises; Spanish with the Iberio Cruises and Australian market is served by the P& O Cruises Australia.

This segmentation allows Carnival Corporation to maximize its influence in the global market and provide quality services (Goyat, 2011). The services offered by the segmented cruise brands enabled the corporation to satisfy the needs and preferences of different customers in the world. Their cruises are segmented to address the needs of their customers by distinguishing their providence of service as premium cruises, special cruises, contemporary cruises, luxury cruises, and budget cruises.

For instance, the carnival, P& O Cruises, and Costa Cruises were contemporary cruises which were used to provide fun to their customers by connecting them to various fun-destinations like the Bahamas; princess cruises was a luxurious cruise which enabled clients to escape from their daily routine by providing them with a special services; Holland and AIDA cruise brands were premium cruises; Seaborne Cruise Line and Cunard Line were luxury cruises (Porter, 1980). Segmentation of their brands enables the corporation to maximize their portfolios such that they are widely recognized as the leading provider of cruising services in the world with various types of cruises that complement each other in terms of prices, destinations, geographical location, nature of services and conveniences.

The brands enable the cooperation to cater to the needs, preferences and cultural orientation of their customers globally.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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