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Dissertation topics The impact of innovations on business performance and growth A dissertation based on this topic will address issues on improvements or enhancements that have occurred in the field of business and how they influence performance of enterprises. It will respond to the question: which key innovation strategies, technologies and activities are available to an enterprise for enhancing its productivity, accessing potential clients and expanding its market share? 2. Organization teams leadership and coordination This involves establishing the relationship between coordination, leadership of teams and teams’ performance as well as overall performance of the organization.

The problem to be handled entails: how coordination influences team as well as organization performance. A comparison approach can be adopted in which performance of various organizations is assessed with respect to their teams’ coordination and leadership strategies. 3. The relationship between organization development and use of information systems. This dissertation will review how information systems facilitate organization development and growth. It will address how different information systems such as enterprise systems, data warehouses, and global information systems among others affect organization development and performance.

4. Effectiveness of globalization strategy in enterprises This will analyze the effectiveness of globalization strategy in enterprises. It may involve reviewing performance of several multinational organizations or enterprises in the attempt to determine the efficacy of their globalization strategy. 5. The impact of organization culture on performance. Organization culture is believed to influence performance of an organization. It is essential to investigate whether performance of an organization is dependent on the organization’s culture. 6. The role of leaders in performance of a business and its profitability. The main objective of this study is to establish how the management team influences performance of their organizations.

It responds to the statement of problem: “How can organization’s management influence performance of an enterprise and restore or maintain high levels of profitability in the organization? ” 7. The correlation between organization behaviors and dominance over the market share. It will investigate how organization behaviors facilitate the acquisition of the largest market share. In view of this, aspects of competitiveness, attracting and retaining customers, and other ways of enhancing business performance in the market place will be assessed. One of the statements of problem can be: “What actions an organization takes in order to retain its dominant market share? ” 8.

The importance of skills and knowledge management in organizations. This involves positive outcomes associated with skills and knowledge management. It is intended to identify the motivation behind skills and knowledge management in an organization. What are the benefits that an organization obtains from skills as well as knowledge management capability? 9. Strategic crisis management in enhancing business continuity and stability. The issue of crisis management will be analyzed with respect to its contributions to business stability and continuity.

Statement of the problem can be: “What are the key benefits for managing various crises in the attempt to ensure business continuity and stability? ” 10. Business management and performance in the global market. This will investigate how business management affects performance of an enterprise in the international market. In this sense, it will establish the relationship between management strategies and globalization relating to business performance.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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