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The paper "Diversity in the Organization" is an amazing example of an essay on management. Diversity in an organization can be referred to as a combination of various qualities that are distinct from the organization’ s practices (Phillips & Gully, 2013). Therefore, diversity can basically be composed of factors such as ethnicity, physical abilities, sexual orientation, marital status, race, gender, and religious background among others. To facilitate the creation of diversity in an organization that is traditionally homogeneous, managers should increase the worker's awareness of and involvement in the various workforce diversity issues, monitor the work progress and focus on work data, set aggressive but achievable targets and eliminate miscommunication whilst ensuring close coordination among the workforce.

Doing this will provide cohesiveness and unity within the organization thence making it easier to carry out the diversity process. The top management plays a huge role in the development and implementation of organizational diversity. Thus, there is a need for top-level management support in order for the organization’ s diversity to become a success. For instance, the managers must display a strong commitment towards the set diversity structure or program, they must also receive diversity training for the purposes of addressing factors such as stereotypes, myths, and other organizational barriers as well as cultural differences that may interfere with the work performance of employees.

Likewise, the management must recognize diversity as part of the organization’ s strategic objective thus linking it to other organizational goals. Furthermore, managers have also a duty to stress the importance of diversity throughout the organization and they should be held accountable for meeting the set goals and objectives for diversity. There are various problems that may accompany the implementation of diversity in an organization.

For that reason, managers should be aware that, first, many employees prefer doing their work in homogeneous groups and thus they would tend to generally avoid and resist change. Besides, there is the challenge of poor communication due to the diverse work environment brought about by the different factors such as multiple ethnicities, sexes, age groups among others. To ensure that these challenges do not affect the success of diversity implementation in an organization, managers should possess good leadership skills as well as other skills such as change management, communication, organizational development, evaluation and assessment, and psychology among others.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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