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@2013Flower Retailing and Delivery: Company descriptionThe need for flowers of all kinds will always be there. Happy occasion events like weddings and other ceremonies need flowers and so do occasions of sadness like funerals. There is therefore a huge potential for the start and growth of a small flower retailing and delivery venture. The flower shop will be started in a kiosk in downtown Sidney where there is a lot of drive by traffic and walk by traffic. It will be rather small to save on startup capital. This is possible because most of the sales will be done online and deliveries of flowers will be accomplished by car and/or bicycle.

All types of flowers will be on sale and will include kangaroo paw, flannel flower, roses, alstroemeria, amaryllis, carnations, daisies, daffodils, lilies, roses, gladiolus, oriental lilies and the various types of chrysanthemum. The stall will be open during the daytime hours and closed at night. As different customers need different flower designs, custom bouquets will be created each working day as well as bunches that are ready made. The business will also involve catering for small scale events like birthday parties for children and adults and ceremonies for example mother’s day celebrations.

During these events, design layout and flower transport and set up will be the main activities to be performed. Due to the labor intensive requirements of the business, one assistant will be hired to assist in the running of the business and arrangement of the flower shop. This will ease the available workload as chores will be divided. It will therefore allow one individual to concentrate on the flower delivery while the other person is dealing with the flower shop. The produce will be got from the flower market in the city and wholesalers.

These will provide flowers that have been freshly cut and potted flowers. Free advice and information on plant nutrition, soils, and temperature and light requirements for the flowers will be provided to the customers. The materials that will be utilized in the business will include containers for the flowers, floral foam, cardettes, wire, delivery tags and business cards and wrappings for the flowers. Equipment that will be required for the business will be locally available and include knives, bunch cutters, scissors, staplers and trash cans.

Aims of the strategic planOne aim of this strategic plan is to accelerate business growth of the flower kiosk into a fully-fledged floral shop. This can be accomplished by increasing the amount of revenue obtained from the kiosk. Increasing the sales made by the kiosk will mean more profit hence improved expansion potential. Another aim is to expand the market for the flowers by diversifying in the types of floral services handed out to customers.

This will provide a larger base of customers for the business which will result in larger sale volumes and profit margins for the business. Raise more capital for the business venture by looking for investment from other sources or looking at options to align the business with established floral business and organizations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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