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The paper 'Revenue Models' is a perfect example of a Business Essay. The Internet has turned out to be an important part of every business. And most of the business activities are carried out on the Internet. This essay presents a detailed analysis of the revenue models' assessment and analysis. For this research, I will present the online website revenue model assessment and analysis. This essay will outline the revenue model of http: //www. realestate. com. au. In the last, I will present another revenue model and its comparison to the above website. The Revenue models particularly explain diverse methods for creating profits.

The revenue model describes the huge business earnings and its relation to the sales of products or services. This can be both for selling straightly from the main or, dealer of the service in the course of a mediator who will obtain a cut of the selling cost (Carter, 2009). In this essay, I am going to present detailed analytical research on the revenue model for online property websites. The main website we have is the realestate. com that provides the facility for online estate dealing in Australia.

At this web site, we can search for plots and living apartments for purchase or rent. This also provides some additional facilities like local estate maps, loan offers, consultation, selling offers, construction facilities, etc. In this essay, I will judge the revenue model of this website and also suggest that are not being used by realestate. com. au. The second website I have selected is also an Australian property dealing website www. aussieproperty. com. This website is a comprehensive combination of Australian property dealing, selling, promotion, consultation, rental facility, purchase, and visiting.

At this web site, we can have all things those are necessary for the online property website. This website also provides better facilities for the students and researchers for the research and market analysis articles. In this essay, I will provide a better insight into the main revenue models used in this website and its comparison to the www. realestate. com. au. Revenue and Ecommerce There are several ways for online revenue generation. The eCommerce has devised a lot of online revenue generation techniques. The business of online selling of the physical goods has now emerged to a solid e-business; lots of online business organizations are creating revenue from this business (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). Online advertisement is also a huge business in this regard where organizations can utilize the websites for the promotion of their business products and services.

In this regard, they can generate revenue through online ads, promotions, and newsletters (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). Earnings per click are fairly small income means however it provides a vital way regarding the online promotions and ads. It required a lot more online user traffic to formulate good capital.

As well as not all the entire data and informational subjects are gainful. For instance, searchers for amusement as well as games information do not be inclined to click on advertisements or else purchase anything (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). When we encourage other people’ s products as an associate, we would be seated among the last two alternatives- it would be able to disburse enhanced than advertisements as well as be fewer irritate than solid supplies. However we yet have to offer content on gainful themes, as well as we require being at ease plus effectual vendor for the goods that disburse our bills (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). Moreover, it can not be finished without pointing out that organizations are able to sell their business services through the web.

If we mention regarding what we do whether we are a doctor, lawyer, web designer, carpenter, psychologist, no matter what we are, we would obtain web visits from the projection in our confined region as well as revolve those groups into clients (Laudon & Laudon, 2006). Ecommerce and Revenue models


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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