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@2010The iPhone from the Apple CompanyIntroductionApple is a multinational company based in America that deals with the design and production of consumer electronics and software. It has other well known hardware products such as iPods, computers and iPhone. The Apple Company unveiled a long awaited product of an iPhone three years ago and the product has peaked in the market enlarging the business of the company. The company has also started a new accounting method that seems to be working well for the company. For a period of three years, the iPhone has developed and has become the largest product for the company whose business was getting to zero (Gizmodo, 2009).

The iPhone is a smartly developed information communication device that is forged form silicon and steel. The iPhone has features of a smart phone and a graphical interface that is projected on a ‘big multi-touch’ screen. The Smart Phone features include the touch technology that allows one to make calls by pointing a contact on the contacts book or by dialling the contact by touching a pad keyboard.

The contacts then get updated automatically with other devices that are connected to the similar network and voicemails can be accessed by selecting an email type list. The paper looks at the major economic factors that are likely to influence the price and output of the iPhone for a period of the coming five years. Market Analysis of Apple iPhoneThe performance and the operations of the company are highly affected by many macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. These factors influence the price and the output of the iPhone and of the entire company.

Some of the macro economic factors that affect the performance of the company include the fact that the company depends on the global economics conditions that face many uncertainties. These uncertainties in the global economy cause a risk to the businesses and their associated consumers who may postpone their plans of spending due to the difficult economic moments. The consumers are also suffering unemployment and this may have a negative impact on the demand of the company’s products. Economists explains that the demand for Apple’s iPhone and of its other products may also go down since the company may raise the prices of the products that they sell in the markets outside America to counteract the impact of strengthening the U. S dollar, a trend that has recently gained popularity. The performance of the iPhone from the Apple Company may also get negatively affected by the political and legal factors since the company relies on third-party’s exclusive rights and this may affect the output of its products if they may be found to have breach the intellectual property rights.

The company may also not be able to offer a broad variety of products and at affordable prices.

This is because its ability to offer different products may become subject to certification and control by the government and the standardizing agencies. Sources states that almost half of the sales of Apple iPhones are made outside the United States. This means that it has international markets and it gets affected by the international events. Issues such as war, terrorism, natural disasters and market policies of its market countries may lead to delay and inefficiencies in the supply process.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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