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United Nations Millennium Development Goals Grade In the year 2000, United Nations set up eight millennium goals that they hoped to achieve by the year 2015. They aimed to eradicate poverty and hunger by reducing the number of people who earn less than $1 a day by half between 1990 and 2015, halving the starving population, achieving universal primary education for all children, promote gender and empower all women through reducing gender discrimination, reduce child mortality by two thirds of children below five years (Sachs, 2005). They aimed at improving maternal health by three quarters and mortality ratio, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases by half by 2015 with the seventh aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability, integrating programs and countries policies and economizing on resources through providing safe drinking water and sanitation, in addition to developing a global partnership for development through being involved in nondiscriminatory trade and finance.

It also aimed at addressing the needs of the less developed countries through allowing free access to all countries, tariffs, debt relief programs among others. UN Department of Public Information (2014) postulates that efforts have been made to achieve the set goals.

By 2014 July, regional, global, local, and national efforts have improved millions of people’s lives. These efforts have reduced poverty, improved the lives of slum dwellers, and provided clean and safe drinking water to people. The level of education has improved since gender discrimination has been eradicated in most primary schools. There is also progress in health, reduction of tariffs, and barriers. Women are also participating politically, which indicates gender equality. Child mortality of children below five years has reduced by half.

The mortality ratio between 1990 and 2013 has reduced by 45%. There have also been provisions of anti-retrial viral therapy for people infected with HIV. This has saved the lives of 6.6 million people. Deaths from malaria and tuberculosis have also reduced due to malaria intervention techniques, such as providing mosquito nets to the populace. ReferencesSachs, J.D. (2005). Investing in development: A practical plan to achieve the millennium development goals. Millennium Project, 1-356.UN Department of Public Information. (2014). The Millennium Development Goals Report.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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