30+ Education Essay Topics and Other Writing Tips for Students

How to write an education paper? Where to get the best topic? If you have these questions in mind, you’re at the right time in the right place. At our professional writing service, you can get help with your assignments. One of our services offers free ideas for your paper. It is also possible to review free examples of academic tasks in our database. Except for the education essay topics, you’ll find some other tips that will help to write your assignment.

How Should an Argumentative Essay about Education Look Like?

There are many different types of essays: definitive, critical thinking, reflective, synthesis, compare and contrast, etc. One of the most common academic papers is an argumentative essay about education. This one is about setting up an argument/claim and trying to defend your position on a particular topic.

It is vital to cover both sides of the coin. A writer should recall all of the existing opinions to sound objective with their judgments. The sides can be equally balanced, or one can choose to defend one of them. Then, it is critical to explain why you have chosen a particular position, operating with facts and statistics. In an argumentative essay about education, a student should cover various nuances related to this field and offer information from credible sources as supporting evidence. Thus, the entire process must always start with research.

Where to Find a Full Education Essay Topics List

To write a good education essay (or another assignment), students should have access to the list of possible topics. One can either review a sample to get inspired or ask professional authors for help.

At our service, we have many themes related to various areas of study. We offer free ideas and research questions. If your tutor does not assign a specific topic to cover, you can always have a look at our website and pick a good subject for your education essay.

10 Great Expository Essay Topics about Education

As education is treated as a separate subject, you may have to write a separate paper on it. An expository assignment should present and explain the information collected from credible sources. A student should not share their ideas on educational issues. It is about operating with facts and statistics. You may find this list of expository ideas for education helpful (and write a sample based on them):

  1. Offer ideas for changing the domestic sector of education (with examples)
  2. Is it possible to gain the same benefits from homeschooling as from traditional learning?
  3. Why do school athletes have scholarships?
  4. How is university different from college?
  5. High illiteracy rates in the countries of the Third World
  6. Subjects that should be added to the high school curriculum
  7. The qualities of a good college professor
  8. Disciplines that can be removed from school curriculums without any losses
  9. Comparing and contrasting such terms as “educated” and “training”
  10. Why students should not obtain the right to choose subjects on their own

To prepare a great expository paper, you might need a good sample and examples. Also, investigate an idea, analyze and assess supporting evidence, expound on the chosen subject, and develop a claim based on the collected data.

10 Curious Persuasive Essay Topics about Education

Persuasive essays are similar to an argumentative paper. The main difference is that students should do more than simply state their position on the topic and offer possible solutions. The writer should show the significance of the selected topics. They must convince the audience of the importance of the subject or question. Also, students must persuade that their opinion is the only correct one, and others should support it. Here is the list of possible ideas that you may consider:

  1. Tutors must pass regular exams to confirm their professional competence
  2. Shortening the time of college lectures will lead to better performance of students
  3. An average school should minimize the amount of homework assignments
  4. Students must obtain a right to choose school subjects that they wish to study
  5. The US government should invest more in the education sector
  6. College entrance exams should be less harsh to allow more students on board
  7. In the modern world, the SAT and ACT are no longer effective evaluation tools
  8. Distinct learning is more effective than traditional schooling
  9. PE should not be an obligatory subject
  10. Teachers should help with choosing topics in all cases

You may also want to cover such topics as reasons proving that school day in the UK should be made shorter or look for more ideas in online samples.

As you can see, most of these themes for an essay on education sound like a claim. Writing a persuasive paper is not a piece of cake. You should know the educational sector well to prove your thought to the readers. A good sample, along with the examples, may assist with the process.

10 Awesome Argumentative Essay on Education System

After discussing a persuasive essay, it makes sense that we should cover argumentative writing shortly. These two are very close, as you can see from any sample. The main idea of such a paper on the topics related to education is to pose an argument (personal position towards the discussed subject or question). A student can see a sample to have an overall idea of how this paper should look like. We have prepared a list of ideas to let you understand what to cover in the argumentative paper:

  1. Can mobile devices and laptops be effective learning tools?
  2. Should students be allowed to use cellphones in class?
  3. What are some of the effective methods to prevent students from cheating on the exams?
  4. The effectiveness of handing out A’s instead of B’s
  5. Thee essential skills that students can obtain only through writing
  6. Education topics do not get the attention they deserve: how to cope with it
  7. The qualities of a good admission essay (based on a good sample)
  8. Pupils must obtain a right to grade their teachers just like those evaluate them
  9. Which type of writing helps to prepare for the standardized testing the best? (with examples)
  10. The best subjects to add to the high school curriculum in the future

Argumentative education papers are a good field for you to learn how to argue. It is an essential skill that everyone might need in a professional career (presenting a new project to the business colleagues is one of the examples). To learn how to create this sort of assignment, a student may review a good sample in the shape of political debates.

The Main Reasons to Use Our Education Essay Topics

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Except for the lists of topics related to education, we have an impressive, all-time extending database of essays. We are adding new papers regularly. Students can explore them to detect themes for further discussion and use them as samples. Every sample is a great contribution to your own work.

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Education Examples

What Is Being Learned Informally in the Workplaces
The paper "What Is Being Learned Informally in the Workplaces" is a great example of a literature review on education. The aim of this paper is to construct a theoretical framework that will help understand and investigate informal learning in the workplace. Informal learning provides a simple contrast to formal learning that suggests greater flexibility or freedom for the learners.…
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Progress in the Course of Developing Professional Practice
The paper 'Progress in the Course of Developing Professional Practice" is a good example of an education research proposal. The report details what I have learnt in the course of my student development studies. In the course of my leaning, I have managed to develop my skills as a reflective practitioner.…
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Reflective Journal on My Academic Performance
The paper "Reflective Journal on My Academic Performance " is a good example of education coursework. In my previous academic year, I had a mean score of 34.4%. This is a very disappointing performance that I have decided to improve on by following several steps to improve my performance. For a student to perform well and also be adequately prepared for the job market, he/she must posses certain skills and master them to perfection.…
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Skills Required to Succeed as a Student
The paper 'Skills Required to Succeed as a Student" is a great example of education coursework. This paper intends to discuss the skills required to succeed as a student. The skills have been classified into various categories including skills to succeed as a social being in the world, skills required for critical thinking, skills required to adapt to the world, and skills necessary to solve problems.…
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Retrospection at the Entire Duration of the Course BUSI
The paper 'Retrospection at the Entire Duration of the Course BUSI " is a perfect example of education coursework. One of the greatest sources of our happiness is our relationships with our immediate families, friends, and colleagues. In all these relationships, we play different roles at a subconscious level, some without even realizing.…
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Reflective Journal Concerning Life in Campus
The paper "Reflective Journal Concerning Life in Campus" is a perfect example of education coursework. I sat there wondering why the environment-sensitive campaign was so much advocated for in the university than how it used to be conducted in my high school years. My first week on campus was dubbed “the environmental week” and by then I thought it was a matter of wasting time.…
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Principles of University Learning
The paper 'Principles of University Learning" is an outstanding example of education coursework. I am a student who is globally oriented in perspective and have reason to believe that studying at the university is my pleasure and will benefit me a fantastic deal. I suppose many students have reasons for studying at the university but mine are just exceptional.…
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Reports in University Assessment
The paper 'Reports in University Assessment " is a perfect example of education coursework. Universities have the responsibility of generating information and preparing graduates for future responsibilities in society. In order to attain these objectives, they regularly test student progress through assessments.…
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Accommodations Issues at James Cooper University in Queensland
The paper 'Accommodations Issues at James Cooper University in Queensland" is a great example of an education case study. This report examines accommodations issues at James Cooper University in Queensland, Australia with the aim of providing useful information to a real estate developer. The developer is interested in constructing a student accommodation complex adjacent to the University.…
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Zero Tolerance Policies in Learning Institutions Are Not the Best Way of Instilling Discipline in Students
The paper 'Zero Tolerance Policies in Learning Institutions Are Not the Best Way of Instilling Discipline in Students " is an outstanding example of education coursework. Zero tolerance policies refer to the harsh punishment to the students and sometimes staff, without regard to ignorance, unintended mistakes, and the explanatory situation in schools.…
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Why the Small and the Big US Universities Expected to Close Down in the Next Few Years
The paper "Why the Small and the Big US Universities Expected to Close Down in the Next Few Years" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education.  Finally, each member of the group is to rate the contribution of every member of the group to this assignment, including their own contribution, by completing a column in the table in the paper.…
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Postgraduate Options in Australian Universities
The paper "Postgraduate Options in Australian Universities" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Post graduate education in the world is in high demand today. This is probably because of numerous technological, environmental, social,…
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How Teaching Communication Is Important for Academics
The paper "How Teaching Communication Is Important for Academics" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. Effective communication between two and more individuals is essential as it can help the sender and receiver to understand the messages clearly. There are several important elements that ensure the effectiveness of communication.…
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The Cost of University Drowning Students in Debt
The paper "The Cost of University Drowning Students in Debt" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. The cost of higher education has been in the spotlight for a number of years. The United Kingdom education segment has been in the spotlight mainly for the reason that it has become so expensive.…
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Tuition Reimbursement and Online Higher Education
The paper "Tuition Reimbursement and Online Higher Education" is a perfect example of an essay on education. I believe that I have served optimistically as an employer in the Health Care Management area. I hope it is in your acknowledgment that, nowadays Tuition reimbursement is becoming a very common and popular exercise in the United States of America.…
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The Position of Adjunct Faculty in University
The paper "The Position of Adjunct Faculty in University" is an excellent example of an application essay on education. I am writing to inform you of my interest for the position of full-time Adjunct Faculty at your university. I have the ability to provide learning support for students of all ages enrolled in the university.…
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Business School Experience
The paper "Business School Experience" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. There is a lot I am looking for in the business school experience both in terms of my personality development and preparation of becoming a successful businessman in the future. I have a family business of construction.…
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Effects of Technology in Higher Education
The paper "Effects of Technology in Higher Education" is an outstanding example of an essay on education. Modern technology has a significant impact on higher education globally. Advancement in technology has boosted the overall operations of a higher learning institution. It has improved the students’ learning experience.…
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Cognitive Enrichment Advantage: Applications for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Adult Learning by Taylor
The paper "Cognitive Enrichment Advantage: Applications for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Adult Learning by Taylor" is a wonderful example of an article on education. In this article, the has suggested Cognitive Enrichment Advantage (CEA) as a very beneficial approach to mediated learning in the context of adult education.…
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Becoming 'Real' Aboriginal Teachers by Young, et al
The paper "Becoming 'Real' Aboriginal Teachers by Young, et al" is a great example of an article on education. The article written by Young, et al. (2010) proffered issues pertinent to the narrated stories on the experiences of six Aboriginal teachers: Brenda, Mary, Jennifer, Jerri-Lynn, Khea, Lucy and Lulu as they pursued higher education in Canada and delved into research work.…
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Characteristics of Effective Institutions of Learning
The paper "Characteristics of Effective Institutions of Learning" is a brilliant example of an essay on education. Institutions of learning have to be effective in the service they provide to their therefore, it is common to find some common characteristics among effective institutions of learning. For an institution of learning to be effective, it must be able to achieve all its objectives.…
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Advantages of Studying Abroad
The paper "Advantages of Studying Abroad" is an excellent example of an essay on education. Studying abroad has many advantages in having the dream of traveling out of their country. It is indeed an important period in one’s life as there are a lot of experiences and opportunities that come in one’s path (Byram34).…
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Research Methods Using Qualitative Designs
The paper "Research Methods Using Qualitative Designs" is a good example of an essay on education. The incessant incidences of social problems such as obesity, poverty and diabetes 2 have necessitated the use of qualitative research techniques as governments and humanitarian agencies strive to find a lasting solution to the challenges that are threatening to engrave the contemporary society.…
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Each Of Our Students Is Unique. Describe How Your Background, Skills, And Values Would Contribute To
Running Head: Admission Essay Admission Essay [Institute’s Admission Essay In person, God has blessed me with strengths that allowed me to prove myself as one of the best in the field. Self-confidence supported me in accepting challenges, and goals…
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True and Quasi-Experimental Designs
The paper "True and Quasi-Experimental Designs" is a worthy example of an essay on education. Design is the structure of any scientific work that gives direction and systemizes the research. In view of coordinated police and social service response to domestic violence, it is clear that the researchers employed the quasi-experimental design; this being both qualitative and quantitative method.…
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