30+ Education Essay Topics and Other Writing Tips for Students

How to write an education paper? Where to get the best topic? If you have these questions in mind, you’re at the right time in the right place. At our professional writing service, you can get help with your assignments. One of our services offers free ideas for your paper. It is also possible to review free examples of academic tasks in our database. Except for the education essay topics, you’ll find some other tips that will help to write your assignment.

How Should an Argumentative Essay about Education Look Like?

There are many different types of essays: definitive, critical thinking, reflective, synthesis, compare and contrast, etc. One of the most common academic papers is an argumentative essay about education. This one is about setting up an argument/claim and trying to defend your position on a particular topic.

It is vital to cover both sides of the coin. A writer should recall all of the existing opinions to sound objective with their judgments. The sides can be equally balanced, or one can choose to defend one of them. Then, it is critical to explain why you have chosen a particular position, operating with facts and statistics. In an argumentative essay about education, a student should cover various nuances related to this field and offer information from credible sources as supporting evidence. Thus, the entire process must always start with research.

Where to Find a Full Education Essay Topics List

To write a good education essay (or another assignment), students should have access to the list of possible topics. One can either review a sample to get inspired or ask professional authors for help.

At our service, we have many themes related to various areas of study. We offer free ideas and research questions. If your tutor does not assign a specific topic to cover, you can always have a look at our website and pick a good subject for your education essay.

10 Great Expository Essay Topics about Education

As education is treated as a separate subject, you may have to write a separate paper on it. An expository assignment should present and explain the information collected from credible sources. A student should not share their ideas on educational issues. It is about operating with facts and statistics. You may find this list of expository ideas for education helpful (and write a sample based on them):

  1. Offer ideas for changing the domestic sector of education (with examples)
  2. Is it possible to gain the same benefits from homeschooling as from traditional learning?
  3. Why do school athletes have scholarships?
  4. How is university different from college?
  5. High illiteracy rates in the countries of the Third World
  6. Subjects that should be added to the high school curriculum
  7. The qualities of a good college professor
  8. Disciplines that can be removed from school curriculums without any losses
  9. Comparing and contrasting such terms as “educated” and “training”
  10. Why students should not obtain the right to choose subjects on their own

To prepare a great expository paper, you might need a good sample and examples. Also, investigate an idea, analyze and assess supporting evidence, expound on the chosen subject, and develop a claim based on the collected data.

10 Curious Persuasive Essay Topics about Education

Persuasive essays are similar to an argumentative paper. The main difference is that students should do more than simply state their position on the topic and offer possible solutions. The writer should show the significance of the selected topics. They must convince the audience of the importance of the subject or question. Also, students must persuade that their opinion is the only correct one, and others should support it. Here is the list of possible ideas that you may consider:

  1. Tutors must pass regular exams to confirm their professional competence
  2. Shortening the time of college lectures will lead to better performance of students
  3. An average school should minimize the amount of homework assignments
  4. Students must obtain a right to choose school subjects that they wish to study
  5. The US government should invest more in the education sector
  6. College entrance exams should be less harsh to allow more students on board
  7. In the modern world, the SAT and ACT are no longer effective evaluation tools
  8. Distinct learning is more effective than traditional schooling
  9. PE should not be an obligatory subject
  10. Teachers should help with choosing topics in all cases

You may also want to cover such topics as reasons proving that school day in the UK should be made shorter or look for more ideas in online samples.

As you can see, most of these themes for an essay on education sound like a claim. Writing a persuasive paper is not a piece of cake. You should know the educational sector well to prove your thought to the readers. A good sample, along with the examples, may assist with the process.

10 Awesome Argumentative Essay on Education System

After discussing a persuasive essay, it makes sense that we should cover argumentative writing shortly. These two are very close, as you can see from any sample. The main idea of such a paper on the topics related to education is to pose an argument (personal position towards the discussed subject or question). A student can see a sample to have an overall idea of how this paper should look like. We have prepared a list of ideas to let you understand what to cover in the argumentative paper:

  1. Can mobile devices and laptops be effective learning tools?
  2. Should students be allowed to use cellphones in class?
  3. What are some of the effective methods to prevent students from cheating on the exams?
  4. The effectiveness of handing out A’s instead of B’s
  5. Thee essential skills that students can obtain only through writing
  6. Education topics do not get the attention they deserve: how to cope with it
  7. The qualities of a good admission essay (based on a good sample)
  8. Pupils must obtain a right to grade their teachers just like those evaluate them
  9. Which type of writing helps to prepare for the standardized testing the best? (with examples)
  10. The best subjects to add to the high school curriculum in the future

Argumentative education papers are a good field for you to learn how to argue. It is an essential skill that everyone might need in a professional career (presenting a new project to the business colleagues is one of the examples). To learn how to create this sort of assignment, a student may review a good sample in the shape of political debates.

The Main Reasons to Use Our Education Essay Topics

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Education Examples

Athletics and Academics Performance of Students
The paper 'Athletics and Academics Performance of Students' is an exceptional example of a research proposal on education. This research aims at finding out why there has been a growing trend in the way institutions recruit students based on their athletic performance and not considering their academic performance.…
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Academic Performance of Schools in the United States of America
The paper 'Academic Performance of Schools in the United States of America' is a perfect example of a research proposal on education. Over the years, public schools in the United States of America have been performing very poorly, a fact that can be attributed to many factors. One of the factors is the effect of poor performance on the students and the general community economically and socially.…
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Using a Computer Program in a Science Class
The paper 'Using a Computer Program in a Science Class' is a marvelous example of a research paper on education. This is a complete assessment of a computer program intended to stimulate learning and to relieve the theoretical understanding of the sciences, using a progressive, societal constructivist and interpretative replica.…
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The Issues of Drug Use in Public Schools
The paper 'The Issues of Drug Use in Public Schools' is a delightful example of a research proposal on education. Drug use among teachers and students in public schools is the main issue studied throughout this research. It is from this issue that the research problem, which is how drug users in these schools could be identified, is derived.…
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Students and Teachers Should Be Tested for Drugs Use in Public Schools
The paper 'Students and Teachers Should Be Tested for Drugs Use in Public Schools' is a worthy example of a research proposal on education. The testing of students and teachers in public schools was not common in the past. However, it was introduced after suspecting that some students and teachers might be using drugs thus negatively affecting educational and socialization activities in schools.…
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Learning Contract
The paper 'Learning Contract' is a great example of a research proposal on education. Adult learners have adopted the use of learning contracts over the past decade given its vast benefits over the previous learning methods. Learning contracts provide appropriate learning resources and learning guides.…
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Experimental and Non-Experimental Study
The paper 'Experimental and Non-Experimental Study' is a worthy example of a research proposal on education. The article applies an experimental design. This is because of its scope that identifies randomization, control of the independent variables and the causal effect relationship that the researchers sought to establish.…
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Improving Reading Skills in Middle School Students
The paper 'Improving Reading Skills in Middle School Students' is a great example of a research proposal on education. The main purpose of the study is to find the significance of reading skills in middle school students and the ways to improve the skills. With the growing competition, the need for fluent readers is growing in the US and in the coming years, the demand is going to increase further.…
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Inclusive Teaching: A Professional Development Program
The paper 'Inclusive Teaching: A Professional Development Program' is a good example of a research proposal on education. Inclusion is based on the child's right to be educated in a normal classroom, provided with support services and resources being brought in, which is necessary rather than the child being sent away to a specialized setting.…
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The Impact of Technology on Students Performances
The paper "The Impact of Technology on Students Performances" is a perfect example of an education research proposal. Purpose of Survey Research Design (for this topic): The purpose of using the survey research design for this study is to get the responses of students regarding the effects of technology on students’ performances.…
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The Factors Motivating Saudi Students Mathematical Learning
The paper "The Factors Motivating Saudi Students Mathematical Learning" is a great example of an education research paper. The section reviews the various factors that motivate Saudi students in learning mathematics. Recent studies on this issue reveal a mixture of performance among the students.…
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The Effect of Childhood Obesity on Academic Performance
The paper 'The Effect of Childhood Obesity on Academic Performance' is a good example of an education research proposal. The topic area for further research is obesity in children. Out of this topic area, a title for a research paper is posed as “Using the school and home as agents in controlling the effect of childhood obesity on academic performance”.…
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E-Education vs Education in Sweden
The paper 'E-Education vs Education in Sweden' is a perfect example of an education research paper. Higher education dominates the global education arena. The commercialization of higher education has led to stiff competition for students (Mazzarol 1).…
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Teacher Empowerment and Organizational Commitment at Schools within Honda Community
The paper "Teacher Empowerment and Organizational Commitment at Schools within Honda Community" is a delightful example of an education research paper. Education research defines a systematic and academic approach to knowledge development in the education field, through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of empirical data, and for generating solutions to problems in the field.…
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The Quality of K-12 Education
The paper "The Quality of K-12 Education" is a wonderful example of an education research paper. One of the prominent roles, which education plays, is to organize students for life. In the 21st century, technology is considered as a vital source for the development of the country.…
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Constructivism Theory of Learning
The paper "Constructivism Theory of Learning" is a worthy example of an education research paper. The term constructivism alludes to the thought that learners build learning for themselves and every learner independently (and socially) develops meaning -as he or she learns. Constructing meaning and knowledge is all about adapting; there is no other kind.…
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Content Areas in ESL
The paper "Content Areas in ESL" is a great example of an education research proposal. I will attempt to utilize state and district-based measures for the placement of ELs that function by giving relevance to the average performance of the ELs. The idea is the same as used by private English language centers abroad.…
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The Negative Impact of Teachers Performance on Students
The paper "The Negative Impact of Teachers’ Performance on Students" is a marvelous example of an education research proposal. Good performance should be essentially exhibited by all teachers because it is the most important indicator of how students are bound to perform academically.…
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Performance Improvement Project

The paper "Performance Improvement Project" is a wonderful example of an education research paper. The purpose of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). Performance improvement plans (PIPs) are used in institutions and organizations for the prime purpose of achieving improved outcomes with performance (quote).

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Music and Movement Exploration
The paper "Music and Movement Exploration" is a great example of an education research paper. Children develop musical and movement skills by exploring different songs and dancing to the tunes. While taking part in music exploration events, children build their bodily, vocabulary, social-emotional, and mental capacities.…
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English Teaching Methodology and Curriculum
The paper "English Teaching Methodology and Curriculum" is a wonderful example of an education research proposal. Teaching the English language requires four basic skills employed in linguistics. These are reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are also the basic factors to consider when working out a lesson plan for an English class.…
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Concepts of Reflective Practice and Experiential Learning
The paper "Concepts of Reflective Practice and Experiential Learning" is an engrossing example of an assignment on education. Personal development planning entails an examination of the existing situation, needs, goal setting, and preparing an action plan that helps to strategize on what needs to be done.…
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What Is Being Learned Informally in the Workplaces
The paper "What Is Being Learned Informally in the Workplaces" is a great example of a literature review on education. The aim of this paper is to construct a theoretical framework that will help understand and investigate informal learning in the workplace. Informal learning provides a simple contrast to formal learning that suggests greater flexibility or freedom for the learners.…
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Educational Toys and Programs
The paper “Educational Toys and Programs” is an actual example of the case study on education. Educational toys and programs in Australia have been growing because of several factors including innovation and enhancement of technology coupled with Australian strong economy. In essence, the industry has many gaps which new entrants can exploit in order to get substantial market share.…
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Progress in the Course of Developing Professional Practice
The paper 'Progress in the Course of Developing Professional Practice" is a good example of an education research proposal. The report details what I have learnt in the course of my student development studies. In the course of my leaning, I have managed to develop my skills as a reflective practitioner.…
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