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Chapter 11.1 Introduction In the last few years, a lot of changes have been seen in the employment laws being implemented by countries across the world. With more stringent laws been initiated at the workplace, labour laws have been replaced by employment law. The relationship between employee and employer has witnessed a huge shift, with various laws being implemented to safeguard the rights of the workers as well as ensuring consistency in business. Law and rulings, and body that address the legal rights of people working in organisations can be termed as employment law or labour law.

These laws are made to ensure the rights of the employees are safeguarded. Particularly in Canada, laws on union formed at the workplace have different co-relation to that of other. In other countries, mostly the laws are equivocal and apply to all the organisations at par. The labour movement was epitome for changes in the laws by 20th century, which made it mandatory for organisation to adhere to the laws. The right of labour has been considered integral for conjoining economic and social development in any country. Although, most countries have robust employment laws to protect the interests of the permanent workers, often times it has been seen that they lack even basic laws to safeguard the temporary workers.

The case is also true for the UK, where although, the country has a sound employment law, it does not have established rules and regulations to protect the temporary workers. Although, the government has tabled the Temporary and Agency Workers (Equal Treatment) Bill, it still might take some time to be passed as a law and some more for the proper implementation of the same.

Thus, in order to understand the condition of the temporary employees, I would be undertaking this research. The study would analyse whether temporary employees in the UK are granted similar rights as their permanent peers. It would also focus on areas such as the kind of discrimination faced by temporary employees in the workplace, whether they are provided the essential benefits as stated by the government and whether they have sufficient information regarding their rights. The paper also intends to find whether discrimination on the basis of employment status is only rampant in smaller organisation or even larger companies are involved in it.

Also, the study would do an in-depth analysis of the proposed employment law for temporary workers in the UK, and try to find out whether the proposed Bill in its current stage if passed as a law would benefit the temporary workers. For this study, a sample survey of people employed as temporary workers would also be conducted in offices that have a high turn-around of temporary staffs, as well as places which seldom recruit temporary workers.

The survey would be undertaken through a questionnaire, which will focus on understanding whether the offices follow stringent laws to safeguard the rights of temporary workers. Once the data has been collected, the researcher would analyse it to find out if employment laws are fully implemented in case of temporary workers in the UK.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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