Essays on Employment Relation and Employee Voice Essay

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The paper "Employment Relation and Employee Voice" is a perfect example of n essay on business. Employee voice refers to the participation of workers in the major decision-making processes within the organization for which they work. The employees should be granted an opportunity to feel an as important part of the organization (Timming, 2007). This is due to the fact that they play a very significant role which can not be done without whatsoever. Therefore, despite being under the supervision of the senior managers, they should always have a voice. As stakeholders, they are often directly affected by any decision that is made at any given time.

In this regard, it should upon the management to encourage their voice. In order to encourage the employee voice, the management should adopt the informal and formal mechanisms such as general conversation and email exchanges between the employees and the management, organizing regular meetings and giving feedback to the employees. Apart from promoting communication within the organization, the management should encourage employee voice in the workplace by involving the workers in the major decision-making exercises; promoting the formation, support and participation of trade unions; fair treatment; and financial participation through the buying of shares and sharing of the profit (Davis & Lansbury, 2007). The encouragement of employee voice can be of much value both to the individual employees, the management and the entire organization.

It can be a better way of uplifting the well-being and increasing the productivity of individual employees (Schultz, & Schultz, 2010). First, it can help in motivating the workers. When everyone is given an opportunity to participate in the decision-making exercises, they can feel recognized and motivated.

For instance, when employees are given reasonable packages and subjected to a conducive working environment in which effective interpersonal communication is safeguarded. A motivated worker can be so productive (Stone, 2005).   Besides, encouraging employee voice can increase their well-being. Meaning, when they are allowed to freely express their ideas, they can feel contented. For example, when they enjoy the membership of trade unions, they would have bargaining power and voice whenever there is a need to do so (Pritchard & Ashwood, 2008). Thus, they can advocate for improved working conditions, better salaries, promotions and other rewards that they rightfully deserve.

As a result, they would feel much knowledgeable, secure and recognized at all times. At the same time, such conditions can promote democracy and harmony in the workplace. All these are necessary for promoting their well-being (McLean, 2008). Lastly, the encouragement of employee voice can be a milestone towards empowering them. This can happen when the management gives them a chance to access senior levels of management, participate in high profile meetings, further their education, buy the organization’ s shares and be allowed to enjoy a share of its profits (Wilson & Lassiter, 2008).

All these can not be attained if the employees are not allowed to air their voices. In conclusion, the encouragement of employee voice should be promoted. It is a brilliant and liberal idea that can play a significant role in motivating employees and promoting their well-being and productivity (McClelland, 2011).   These can be of much value to them since they can enable them to prosper and feel motivated to continue working hard for the sake of accomplishing the organization’ s short and long-term goals.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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