Essays on Analysis of JH Reid Corporation and Trestle Creek Cabinets Business Strategies Report

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The paper 'Analysis of JH Reid Corporation and Trestle Creek Cabinets Business Strategies" is a good example of a management report.   The business plan comprises of a narrative and several financial accounting worksheets. The description template is the body of the business plan. Carlson (2011) defines the business plan as a written draft of a business or strategy to achieve the intended purpose in business. Some call it as a document that illustrates what one intends to do with his or her business in future. Business plans may help an entrepreneur perform several tasks as highlighted in the document, for example, they may pass investment information to potential investors. Many individuals and firms have used business plans for many purposes, for example, help to sought and attract the attention of prospective business deals with suppliers and new business as well as attract key employees.

The sites with business plans have prompted the growing demand for outsourcing business templates from websites whose purposes is to avail high-quality services to potential clients. The growing concern of complexities in business through modern world calls for a sound business plan which assists to comprehend the demand of strategies boosts the day-to-day operations.

For a lengthy discussion of this paper, J. H. Reid Corporation and Trestle Creek Cabinets business plans were obtained from businessplans. org and bplans. com respectively. The two firms are in the furniture manufacturing sector (Hernan, 2006). The strongest points and their justification for every plan Businesses and management that employ a stakeholder approach commit to serving broader goals, in addition to economic and financial interests, of those whom they serve, including the public. There is also a rising trend of spending in the social sector and improving the company’ s reputation as firms that are socially responsible (Carlson, 2011).

The challenges businesses are facing are very dynamic and will call for a dynamic structure full of revenue in firms. Entrepreneurs require good roadmap if they have to succeed in their businesses. Business plan of Trestle Creek Cabinets from bplans. com and J. H. Reid Corporation from businessplans. org seems associated with strong selling points which, makes them marketable to potential business people. The key areas of proficiency include objectives descriptions, company features, market analysis and financial analysis.

The objective set up in both business plans which includes market share and profit helps in determining business goals and development plan. The plans have made sure that objectives are real and able to be gauged (Trestle Creek Cabinets, 2014) This have aided a tangible quantification of levels of sales as well as profit, either as a percentage of gross margin, sometimes illustrate the intended market share or growth rate a business intends to achieve. A descriptive development plan is vital in bringing out the planned growth of business in future and how it's supposed to be executed.

Establishing a successful business calls for a clear knowledge of the business purpose and the principles guiding its management (Carlson, 2011). Development plan at all levels makes the company complex to manage so as to attain efficient communication and attainment of set goals. For instance, an organizational chart will enable a better understanding of the business at this stage. Besides, all the strongest components of each site, both the business plan have a cover page, with a table of content which highlight sections of the plan.

The bplans. com and businessplans. org have tried therefore to avoid objectives that seem to be unclear hence being the best sites of accessing business plans.


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