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Contracting Genesis Corporation The initial stage of the Genesis Company should consider the components of the projectas well as the contract. Furthermore, the organization should assess the value of the project so as the value of input does not exceed the value of benefits. If the worth of the project yields a lot of proceeds, the organization should use all of the required resources to embrace the program (Plimpton, 102). The organization needs to come up with an efficient strategy, with the accessibility of competitors. The approach will have the exclusive aim of enabling the association to have a higher competitive gain.

The organization should come up with a budget which will aim at impressing the contractor, with the value of the program being very profitable. With the budget the writing of a contract which will bind the contract will be possible. The fulfillment of the terms and conditions should also be considered. Plimpton indicates that the terms and conditions dictate whether the organization is fit for any project (45). The organization should consider drafting of warranties and guaranties, in the course of securing the support of the contractor.

These give contractors a cushion which may cover them from losses and unfortunate incidences. ABC Corporation In the scenario of ABC Company, the issue of offering and fulfilling contracts should also be evaluated. After the disclose statement, the change of the organization became hard and needed more support. After the disclosure statement, the organization will find it difficult to embrace the change. Business wise the move was not a good idea. However, the government had to find a way of looking for cheaper products.

In consideration of the government, the move was very strategic since it aimed at maximizing profits. If ABC had taken the contract by the government and consequently reduced the price of its overheads, the other project being undertaken by ABC would also have been affected. Reducing the overhead price would mean the pinch will mostly affect the organization. The effect would be either education of sales returns which may interfere with the finances of the organization. With a distraction on the finances, the running of the other projects will also be affected (Plimpton, 98).

On matters of legality, it would be unfair or wrong to venture into the idea. This is because there is a breach in the act on fairness. Price manipulation without changing the budget of the whole project cannot be termed as a legal activity. From the two case studies on ABC and Genesis organizations, it is clear that contracting is a very delicate matter which should be approached with utmost care. Contract contents can be easily manipulated if not scrutinized properly.

With proper contract analysis, the organizations can cement their position in any successful project. Works cited Plimpton, Laura. Business Contracts: Turn any business contract to your advantage. New York: Entrepreneur Press. 2007. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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