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IntroductionSometimes, it is not easy to make decisions. Tom’s is faced with an ethical dilemma (refer to the case). Nonetheless, he must choose a course of action to take. This discourse analyses toms position and makes commentaries on the options open to Tom, the influences to which Tom is subject, the relevance of ethics to Tom’s decision, the consequences of acceptance of Jerry’s offer, and the consequences of rejection of Jerry’s offer; and second, it explains the highlighted views on the significance of ethics with the help of two other cases of ethics in construction industry. Comments with justificationThere are several options open to Tom in regard to solving his house loan issue.

First, Tom would have to make a choice between disclosing and not disclosing his employer company’s information. It is worth to note that it would be unethical to disclose the information to Jerry. Therefore, Tom could accept Jerry’s assistance with the condition that he would not disclose the company’s information. He should also advocate that his parents change their attitude; an act of disclosure that they are encouraging him to do might have harmful consequences to him and his employer as well.

Instead, his parents should help in convincing Jerry to assist without necessary having Tom to disclose the information. Nonetheless, his choice not to disclose the information, might lead Jerry to withdraw his financial assistance; in this instance, Tom would have to find another alternative to solve his loan dilemma. So, he could choose to sell the house and settle in a less expensive house that he could afford with his current salary. This way, he would not have to depend on anyone for such assistance.

Furthermore, Tom could approach his employer and kindly remind them of their promise they made about promoting him and increasing his salary. If that fails, he could look for another job that would give him financial satisfaction. It is evident that Tom is under cultural and social influence, parental influence, and situational influence. However wrong the disclosure of the company’s information might be, it is acceptable in the society due to the simple fact that everyone does it. Therefore, it has become a norm or a culture in the society, not to mention in the business arena.

What is more, Tom would be seen as odd if he refused Jerry’s offer. In this regard, Tom is under societal influence. Elsewhere, Tom’s parents see nothing wrong with disclosure of an employer’s information and urge Tom to accept Jerry’s offer. It is apparent that they encourage him to also share the company’s information with Jerry. They argue that his employer could also pay people to unlawfully gather information of other rival companies.

So definitely, Tom is under the influence of his parents. Again, the circumstances under which Tom is under as well as his need for assistance make him vulnerable. It would be easier for him to decline Jerry’s request if his financial status was not troubling. It worth to note that if his parents claim about his employer paying for illegally acquired information bore weight, then that fact is an influential on his decision.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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