Essays on Executive Summary of Target Corp. and JCPenney Research Paper

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Target Corporation and JC Penny are both large companies that have a lot to offer. Both companies have a strong base and have been in business long enough to know and understand what works and what don’t work. Each business offers shares, company benefit packages and both donate to charities. Target and JCP both offer a department store credit account and are easy to compare since they both offer similar services. Although they may seem similar in terms of what they offer, one business is the better business. One company offers something the other company does not. Target Corporation started out as Dayton Dry Goods in the 1900’s.

Since then Target has grown largely and the bull’s eye trade mark is known all over the world. Target gives to numerous charities including education and military services. Target also has been shown to be so profitable and generous that since the 1940’s has given 5% of earnings to the community. This makes target and ideal business to the economy. Not only does Target supply jobs and manufacture many of their own goods which supplies more jobs, Target gives money to the community which is used to fuel the economy.

Target is a family owned business which means it looks out for family and cares about others families. This makes Target Corporation a great company to work for and do business with. Target has proven to be great for investors. Shares stay near 50.00 a share and are associated with the New York Stock Exchange. Target has an estimated 2011 sales of $67,390.0M, this is a 17.4% income growth. Target has over 355,000 employees. JC Penny is also a popular business and has been around for a long time.

JC Penny was established in the 1900’s and was also a dry goods store. In just a few decades JC Penny has grown to over 2,000 retail stores and was widely known among many. The popular JC Penny catalogue debuted in 1963 and is said to be one of the contributors to JC Penny’s large growth. JC Penny is known for giving back to the community and is a large supporter of youth development. This is beneficial to communities where JC Penny stores are located.

JC Penny is a great contributor to the community and is responsible for over 150,000 jobs. JC Penny is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is currently worth around 28.00 a share. Recently JC Penny has shown an increase in the stock market and is still actively competing with its number one competitor Target Corporation. JC Penney has an estimated $17 million in annual sales. This is a decrease from previous years. Overall, both companies are promising and show good hopes for investors and anyone affiliated.

If choosing which company to purchase, Target Corporation is the better buy and the better business. Target Corporation employs more employees, gives more back to the community and has a better earnings potential due to the variety of goods sold. Although JC Penney also has a lot to offer, Target Corporation is the better buy and better for the economy.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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