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The paper "Australia’ s Macro Environment" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. In the past, the manufacturers of Australia only concentrated on the local market, where they only sold their products within Australia. But after the turn-around of the sector, exporting to international and foreign markets has become the trend. Australia’ s population has always had such a strong demand for a cold beer. However, the consumer’ s desires and preferences have changed over time and are still changing, and these changes are influenced by a number of factors. One of the greatest strengths of the Australian government is the kind of support it gives to its manufacturers.

Manufacturers have very lenient policies put in place by the Australian government, and this favors their domestic and international business. The Australian government, again, has shown much uniqueness from other governments by putting in place economic measures that have ensured that the Australia economy is insulated from the world economy. This beer company can make the most of this upward trend by ensuring that it adopts and implements the policies the government has put in place for economic growth.

Also, Australian people have become more conformists socially, culturally, and religiously. This can be of positive effect on the beer company if it can make the best out of this diversity and globalization. New inventions in the beer products should be done to cater to all the cultures, religions and social groups across Australia Beer brewers in France have stopped concentrating on making every batch or bottle of drink more unique than the other but instead, have gotten into mass production and duplication of beers.

The company, here in Australia, can take advantage of the huge market available and try making beers that are not just mass-produced but those that are made specially and with uniqueness. France just like any other country observes or is required to observe the purity law. This law’ s origin can be traced back to before the year 1520. The purity law requires that beer be made from three main ingredients only; barley, water, and hops. The purity rule may somewhat and slightly be a hindrance to the company because the French population will always be keen on consuming beers that have kept the purity laws.

The latest statistics show that there has been a major decline in alcohol consumption in France. Specialty beers account for the largest percentage of the beers that are loved. Specialty beers account for close to 40% of the total market share in the beer market of France. This Australian company can take advantage of this observation and use specialty beers as the main products sold to the French market. There are several practical modes of entry into a foreign market, but there are always one or two modes that are more suitable in different scenarios.

The common entry modes are exporting, franchising, licensing, joint venture, contracting, and overseas manufacturing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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