Essays on Experiences Of Training Of Working In The Fire Service Assignment

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EXPERIENCES OF TRAINING OF WORKING IN THE FIRE SERVICEINTRODUCTIONFire service department is one of the most daunting and challenging arena one can ever think off. The training to the fire fighters and analyzing their work experiences has been chosen as the selected topic as it reveals its essence and worth in increasing the performance and productivity levels, improved organizational climate, reduced rate of stress, fulfillment of the personnel’s requirements, less operational mistakes improves quality which can be achieved all through training. Personal growth, enlarged skill, enlightened altruistic philosophy, obsolescence prevention all can be achieved through proper training measures.

Hence the topic explore the value of training to combat the threat of unexpected and unwanted risk which may occur due to a fire outrage, it becomes an utmost necessity to be pre trained in order to identify the fire risks in the work place and other areas. It is an unpredictable task to envisage a disaster and its resulting impacts, consequences can be managed and controlled to an extent if proper training and pre hand experience is entailed while getting acquainted with such circumstances.

Experiences of training of workers in the fire departments or fire services areas can be benefit to a number of different people including the organizations who can reduce the huge contingency costs associated with such outbreaks and securing the health and safety of their employees and customers, the public in order to generate awareness among the masses and promote alertness and responsiveness towards such untimely, unpredictable circumstances. The government is also benefited as it can facilitate the reduction in the frequency of occurrence of such disasters and ultimately preserve the valuable scare resources of the economy in meeting up many more necessary needs and requirements for public welfare rather than compensating people for events which can be prevented or timely controlled with a little consciousness and adequate training. A well communication strategy must be imbibed in the organizational structures and well communed to the concerned individuals or groups through right methods and channels.

In the modern era where huge, massive structures are being built on a breakneck pace, it becomes a matter of great concern whether adequate amount of workforces which is specialized in the concerned area is available or not and if available is it sufficiently trained to combat the threat in an effective manner and if not then how much more is required and procedure to carry on such processes must also be identified along. .

The topic under consideration relates with the experience of workers under fire training, which highlights certain common theories and practices which is not just related with fire control but in general with the disaster management as a whole, one of them being situational leadership application.

Various kinds of experiences which are accumulated are based on the decisions taken at the spur of the moment in controlling the critical situation which brings out the concept of situational leadership traits needed in a life-threatening condition. Models and theories are useful to establish a link between the experiences analysis as they provide a strong link between an error possibility which may be a vital source of occurrence of the disaster and negligence on the part of the fire fighter, such as ‘Injury Causation Model’ (Tung. T, viewed on 15th November, 2008) are helpful in analyzing the related risk with the past incident.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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