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The paper "  In Why Evolution is True by Coyne" is a delightful example of an article on biology. Dr. Jerry Coyne is one of the leading evolutionary biologists across the Globe and has written the book “ why evolution is true” however a closer look at his argument indicates various flaws in his work on the theory of evolution. One of the deficiencies, which come clearly in his arguments of evolution, is the way in which he beat around the bush on the term evolution. There is a lot of equivocation in his work.

Equivocation is a tool of dishonest argument whereby a person uses multiple definitions of a term and then uses the same term in another sense that is correct (Coyne 129). Throughout his work, Coyne abuses the meaning of the term evolution and defines it in multiple ways. For instance, he states that evolution is a fact. In some places, he defines evolution as the idea that all life came into existence through naturalistic processes from a single replicating model (Coyne 233). In other places; he defines the term in ways that a creation scientist would freely acknowledge to be true.

Coyne asserts that evolution is a process by which organisms change slightly so as to adapt to their surrounding environment. Few creationists if any would believe his argument that animals do not adapt depending on the environment and the genetic flexibility. The idea that animals are able to adapt to a certain level is different from the fact that life started from a single molecule (Shubin 95). Coyne’ s use of the fallacy of equivocation shows the inbuilt weakness of the evolutionary theory which he attempts to defend in his book (Coyne 121). No genuine evidence ever been produced to substantiate the idea that human life evolved from a single replicating molecule over a million years ago (Coyne 213).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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