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The paper "Advice to the Head of Property Operations in the Mod" is a great example of a management essay.   Outsourcing growth has been fuelled by a number of benefits. Even though early outsourcing activities emphasized cost savings, the objective of outsourcing has recently changed from cost savings to value creation. Some of the value additions attributed to outsourcing include improved services’ quality, innovation, accessibility to outside talent, new technology, and improved flexibility. These days, the facility is expected to ensure adequate maintenance of the premises from floors and restrooms to sidewalks and exteriors.

Even though some cleaning tasks can be handled by the janitorial staff, other tasks are more complicated and can only be handled by specialty cleaning companies. In view of this, outsourcing the cleaning services to the specialty cleaning company may be beneficial to the facility and property managers, both in terms of service as well as cost. Given that cleaning specialists are trained professionals and their cleaning products and equipment are of high quality, MoD will certainly get quality services. Besides that, outsourcing catering services will help in reducing the burden of adhering to the complex food regulations since the contractor will be responsible for abiding by the food industry regulatory requirements.

The report provides advice to the Head of Property Operations in the MoD concerning the options of outsourcing the cleaning and catering functions. Introduction Basically, there are specialised as well as individuals units with specialisation in project management; therefore, MoD can outsource the cleaning or catering services to such units. Normally, in-house cleaning workers lack the training of the cleaning techniques that can be used to properly disinfect every part of the office and meeting rooms, including restrooms.

On the other hand, contracted cleaners are adequately trained, and therefore, can safely carry out tasks and they guarantee hygiene and cleanliness.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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