Essays on Factors That Affect Employee Satisfaction and Performance Essay

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The paper "Factors That Affect Employee Satisfaction and Performance" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Affect is responsiveness to change and to situations or feelings (Hume 2006, p. 278). Affect can either be positive or negative in nature (Robins et al. 2011). Positive affect can influence how motivated a person is. This is because the positive response to situations can make an employee feel motivated to do the task at hand. An employee with a negative reaction or response towards situations in the place of work can feel less motivated to carry out the job.

The level of motivation affects satisfaction and performance. Employee satisfaction is the feeling that things are alright and in order. It can be affected by factors in the workplace. The aim of the Affective Events Theory, therefore, is to explain the factors that influence employee satisfaction and performance, the dimensions involved in emotional intelligence and the applications of these emotions and moods. Work environment (Robbins et al. 2011). Hosie, Sevastos, and Cooper (2006) found out that the issue of effect in the place of work “ can be measured in terms of ‘ feeling good’ or satisfied and ‘ feeling bad’ or dissatisfied” (p.

39). If the employee feels good about the conditions at the place of work, then his morale is likely to be boosted. As a result of this, performance is likely to improve. Things like high pay, favorable allowances, bonuses, fair employee appraisal, and healthy relationships are likely to boost the morale of the employee and performance. If the employee is unsatisfied with the activities or conditions at work, then morale is likely to reduce leading to poor performance.

Factors that can reduce employee morale are poor remuneration, unfair performance appraisal, poor working conditions, and unhealthy work relationships. Work events (Robins et al. 2011). Activities or events at the place of work can affect the morale, satisfaction, and performance of an employee (Robins et al. 2011). If the events are stressful involving a lot of hustle or if they have negative emotional, health or physical effects they can lower the morale of the employee. Consequently, if morale and safety are low, the level of motivation also reduces, therefore, affecting performance.

Events or activities with less emotional or physical negative impacts on the employee can improve performance. A healthy working environment that poses no risk to an employee’ s health, emotions or physical appearance can be an encouragement to work. This is because such workers feel appreciated and protected. Personal dispositions (Robins et al. 2011): An employee’ s personal status can affect how satisfied they are with the job. It can also affect their output. If an employee is well appreciated, he can have high esteem which can make him perform better.

The person will, therefore, be in a position to perform well even when the conditions are negative. On the other hand, an employee who is rarely recognized or is poorly paid can feel less satisfied with the work.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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