Essays on Fighting the Farm Vegetation Fires in UAE Research Proposal

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The paper "Fighting the Farm Vegetation Fires in UAE" is a good example of a management research proposal. The research proposal is based on the various models which can be used in fighting the farm vegetation fires in UAE. The research proposal will attempt to create a new approach to the many issues of farm fires in UAE which has led to great concern in most of the farmers in the country. Recent fires catching in these farms has led to a great shock by most of the farmers hence the need to try and understand the various models which have been used in trying to combat these fires.

The paper will also try to identify the many experiences which the farmers have faced hence the various strategies which they have tried to employ to help in putting off such fires. (Michael, 1997). The research, in this case, will be explored by the use of the qualitative methodology and also use of the survey method in trying to conduct our research since this is one of the best methods of collecting data since the method gives unbiased results.

In doing our research, a survey will be conducted in three communities which are said to be prone with such fires where the farmers will be surveyed on the various methods which they have been using in trying to fight fires in the vegetable farms whereby results will later be analyzed as per the survey data. The findings plus the resultants shall later be disseminated so that we can be in a position to have feedback. In this case, when trying to disseminate our results, it is assumed that it will be on local, national and also at the international level.

(Michael, 1997). Introduction There has been an increasing farm fire at UAE hence leading to a great concern by the civil defence to the framers so that they can be in a position to curb such fires. It’ s due to such fires that led to the general directorate of the civil defence to advise the farmers to adopt the various maximum precautions against these fires. This is because the fires have led to a great loss of venerable and also people in trying to put off the fires.

The rise in these fires has been due to the hot weather since you find that at UAE when the weather is so hot, it leads to these farms to catch fires. These fires have been erupting since June hence leading to great losses of vegetable hence the decline of the economic growth of the country since these vegetables contribute a lot to the GDP of UAE. (Pyne, 2000). Adoption of methods to curb the fires will tend to reduce the increasing rate of such fires in these farms.

You find that most of these farmers have changed into growing the hay cultivation due to its great demand plus also its great turnover unlike other crops in the country. So you tend to find that the root causes of these fires are the damping of certain products like the bottles plus the mirrors near such hay fields. So during the hot weather, the heating of the sun leads to the glasses to concentrate the suns rays on the grass hence leading to the catch of such fires.

So the farmers, in this case, are the major contributors of the fires and as we talk now, five farms were reported to have caught fires at UAE and this happed in a weekend only. The cause of the fires was as a result of a major inferno which eventually spread in four hay farms. Also, it’ s argued that due to the huge amount of fertilizers which is used in these farms, they lead to great heating of such fertilizers plus other chemicals which are also used in the hay farms.

Humidity is also another cause of such fires. Now research will be conducted and the various aims of the proposal will be the following. (Pyne, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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