Essays on Colonial First Choice Conservative Pension Scheme Personal Statement

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The paper 'Colonial First Choice Conservative Pension Scheme' is a wonderful example of a finance and accounting personal statement. Having insurance will protect your family in the future. By paying off your sons’ debt will help him as his relation with his wife would ensure. The money in the savings account would continue to earn interest. he pension scheme would also help you earn a regular income and it would ensure your future expenses. Risk in my advice: Investments in shares are exposed to market risk. There is a chance that the value of the instrument might not increase at all and in fact, fall. What's not covered in my advice: it does not cover the general insurance part and matters related to taxation.

Fees and commission: The fee for the advice provided is $3000. Of this, FFP will get $1200 and I will receive $1800. Please pay it within 14 days of receiving the SOA. You might also be charged for some of the products recommended by me. Both are married. Scott is their son and has a business in the field of land mowing.

Annette is their only girl. They are expecting a grandchild in their family. All investment carries risk. Some investments are riskier than the others but all investments have certain risks. Risk and return are related. Higher the risk greater is the chance of higher return. As you are a “ balanced” investor your appetite for risk is less. You want your investment to grow at the same time the risk should be minimal. So you should have an asset mix that consists of around 40% income assets and 60% growth asset.

This will help the return to maximize at the same time reduce the risk and see that the return covers for inflation. I recommend you to hold Harvey Norman, AXA, and Westpac but sell Telstra. The three shares which you are holding are giving a higher return as the share prices are escalating. On the other hand, if you sell this share you will have to pay capital gain tax and since your income tax is already on the higher side it will increase the burden. Selling those off in a few years would reduce the burden as you will retire and your income fall.

I recommend selling Telstra because the dividend is less than the inflation rate and the growth in the price is not high

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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