Essays on Fire Safety Assignment

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UniversityConstruct a 2000 word report to identify how identifying fire risks in the workplace will help to reduce the number of fires in premises. Your report should also explain the principles of means of escape throughout a building and the methods of warning people in the building, should an outbreak of fire occur. You should also explain why buildings are built in accordance with the Building Regulations in Great Britain. Fire safety is a concern that is considered as a crucial aspect in any working environment. Every business organization or any inhabited area should be structured in a pattern so that every aspect related to fire safety is already evaluated and assessed.

In case of advance assessment and evaluation of all fire risks involved, the lives, physical health and assets of the area will be secured to a large extent (Read and Morris 1983). The assessment and identification of risks related to fire outbreak helps in the diminution of the fire risks involved. Not only the risks but also the people who work in a building should also be identified in terms of their number as well as their linkage to the working area.

In case of outbreak of fire, there must be appropriate number of routes for escaping from the building that has caught fire (HM Government 2006). The lives of people should be given priority above every other thing, as it is the most precious object. The management of a building or area is answerable or accountable for the fire safety of a building and they should make certain that a building is well-assessed in terms of fire risks and it is constructed with proper and well-structured escape passages (Home Office 2000).

The people present in a building or work place should be alarmed in case of occurrence of fire outbreak. The warning can be given by various procedures such as smoke alarms, alarm sounders, heat alarms and other kinds of detectors and alarms that are employed by building owners to ensure fire safety. All the buildings should be constructed according to the Building Regulations in Great Britain as these regulations allow the assessment of all fire risks and keep ways for escaping along with the security of building and people (National Fire Protection Association 2004). In case of pre-planned methodology and assessment concerning fire safety, the risks involved in terms of fire outburst are minimized as precautionary measures are already taken to ensure that people and building is secured fully.

The risks related to outbreak of fire can be in case of various sources that can be a reason of making fire such as fuel, oxygen and any other source of ignition (HM Government 2006). In case of presence of all the mentioned products, the chances of fire spread are increased and in case of their absence, the chances are minimized.

While constructing a building and while setting it with different kinds of furniture, it should be kept in mind that there can be sources of fire outbreak in the locality (Home Office 2000). These sources must be avoided as much as one can.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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