Essays on Foundations of Group Behavior Essay

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Foundations of Group Bhaviour Working in groups has now become the need of the hour. This is for the reason that it has turned out to be the most primary source of determining the social identity of the people working within that group and even to the entire nature of the group, that can vary depending upon the performance and the relationships between the group members. A group must be the heterogeneous mixture of people with diverse backgrounds and intellectual levels. This how it will strive to perfection when a number of creative ideas will combine and lead to something with great potential.

The overall team formulation process includes how each member interact and communicate with each other, how they will communicate within the group and even outside their group and how each member will consider himself responsible and accountable for the ongoing and upcoming projects in order to achieve their goals and objectives. All this creates a sense of overall responsibility and confidence within the people so that they feel comfortable working within. Furthermore, the success of the team depends upon how all the members agree to work under different circumstances and how well they obey with the ground rules and norms that are set for each group.

However, these norms vary from group to group depending upon the working environment of that group. Some frequently used norms to take account of: Trusting and having strong confidence over each other All the members must be transparent and try to avoid the hidden agendas All the practices within the group must be open minded Vested interests must be avoided and members must always strive for the best of all rather than an individual Members of the groups should have trust, respect and dignity within themselves The group member must confine their discussions to the professional issues and must avoid getting personal. All members must be cooperative and supportive Ideas and suggestions must be openly welcomed Appreciation and encouragement must be given for the best work of member and low productive members must be provided proper guidance and assistance in order to get better in future.

Members must be willing to listen as well as to speak to each other There are a lot more norms that are usually followed but most important of these are highlighted above. Moreover, the size of the group or team also plays and important role in the evaluation of its productivity.

Groups can be classified as big and small with regard to the number of members in each group. Different scenarios demand for diverse sizes. For instance, a simple calculation task needs the involvement of only a few people. However, some great analytical work needs the intellect of more people in order to get to some potential solution.

As the working groups have become so important in our academic, personal and professional lives, therefore at the same time it has become really important to have a clear understanding of the overall norms, guidelines and a wider perspective of the picture. In today’s world, group working is not that simple as it seems it demands for lots of patience, cooperation and mutual interest.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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