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The paper 'Future Business Leaders' is a great example of a business book report. Human beings have often delved into bad activities such as criminal activities, arrogance, and an ‘ I-don’ t-care’ attitude, especially in the so-called modern world. This has been a world in which the old – adage of ‘ man for himself and God for us all’ has become the norm. Men have turned against one another, all in the name of accruing wealth. The causative agent of all these crimes and cruelty that we are witnessing in our society today results from the too much self– interest that people have developed. In his book, Motivation, Altruism, Personality, and Social Psychology, Dr.

Michael Babula challenges this. He consumes the civil argument around unselfishness and acknowledging the public eye that speculation toward oneself is a sound directing standard in life and contends that selflessness helps better states of mental health that transcend fulfillment toward oneself. Looking at society today, almost all systems tend to, in one way or another, encourage self– interest. Ranging from the political systems to educational systems, we can witness nothing else other than everybody trying to pull resources towards themselves at all costs.

According to the author of The Coming Age of Altruism, this may lead to the tragic ending of the universe. He, therefore, proposes a different outfit all together in his diagnosis for a ‘ better society, ’ at least according to him. In examining unselfishness in connection to peace brain science, constructive brain science, social and evolutionary brain science, psychotherapy, and regarding neurobiological confirmation, this book contends that the field of brain research has remained held up in wrong ideologies in which individuals concentrate on their own progress at the expense of other people in the society.

In so doing, people have ended up stepping on the progress of others, and one's more extensive social surroundings. Michael Babula proposes another ideal model in which the universal pyramidal pecking order is traded with a hyperbolic association of motivational headway.


Babula, M., 2013. Motivation, Altruism, Personality, and Social Psychology: The Coming Age of Altruism, London: Palgrave Macmillan Press.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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