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Healthcare Ethical issues surrounding the debate of healthcare as a universal right is the ivity in where to draw the line between healthcareof the citizens and healthcare of the foreign nations since resources are limited. Societal issues surrounding the debate include disparity in the affordability of expensive healthcare between the rich and the poor and varying opinions of the members of a society regarding the use of public funds and taxes for providing equal healthcare to all. Besides, “if health care is a right, then those who provide it become servants of those who need it and would be deprived of “being traders like everyone else in a free society”” (Zaremeski, 2012).

Global issues surrounding the issue include disparity in the economic status of different countries and competition over access to and use of resources in a world with limited resources. “In a world in which hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation are all too evident, it would be unrealistic to demand governmental remedies on the basis of their international human rights commitments alone” (Gruskin and Dickens, 2006). I believe that basic healthcare should be a universal right, whereas optional healthcare services like cosmetic surgery should be not.

The moral basis of my opinion is that basic healthcare is about sustaining life and relieving pain whereas optional treatments are subject to affordability. The affording people are more deserving of such services than the non-affording people. This is more of a business ethical issue than a global ethical issue because healthcare professionals are also interested in money-making along with serving the mankind. Ethics and profitability are usually seen with an either/or mindset (Ferrell et al. , 2013, p.

265). References: Ferrell, O. L., Fraedrich, J., and Ferrell, L. (2014). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases. Cengage Learning. Gruskin, S., and Dickens, B. (2006). Human Rights and Ethics in Public Health. American Journal of Public Health. 96(11), 1903-1905. Zaremeski, M. J. (2012, Sep. 21). The Ethics and Philosophy of Health Care As a Citizens Right -- a US Perspective. Huff Post. Retrieved from http: //www. huffingtonpost. com/miles-j-zaremski/health-care-reform_b_1892221.html.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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