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The paper "How Do the Managers Launching a Niche Product" is a wonderful example of a research paper on marketing. A niche market is part of a larger market that a particular product is targeting. Therefore, a niche product is a product that targets a subset of a particular market. A niche market is a highly specialized market that aims to survive within a competitive environment. The niche market segment comprises of groups of consumers who have similar consumption and lifestyle characteristics (Shank 2002). Niche markets have provided attractive opportunities for small businesses to compete against the large economies of scale that larger companies are able to achieve.

Managers launching a niche product can make the product penetrate the mainstream market quickly. However, this is not easy. Critical assessment must be made before a strategy of penetrating the mainstream market is chosen (Trip 1994). While niche marketing provides managers with methods of using new resources, which remain untapped as they create new revenue streams, pushing niche products to the mainstream market requires marketing skills and strategies that are significantly different from a niche marketing strategy. Purpose of the StudyThe purpose of this study isTo determine the efficacy of celebrity endorsement as a strategy of pushing niche products into the mainstream quickly. To determine consumer’ s perception of celebrity credibility, attitude toward endorsed products, and purchase intention. Objectives of the StudyThe main objective of this study isTo establish whether the celebrity endorsement strategy can push niche products to the mainstream market rapidlyTo establish a relationship between the credibility of a celebrity and the purchase intentions of consumers of the products advertised by celebrities. Research QuestionsThis research seeks to answer the following questions, based on the objectives of the researchCan celebrity endorsements bring niche products into mainstream prominenceHow does the credibility of a celebrity endorser determine the response of consumers to the advert the celebrities have been featured? Scope of the studyThis study will focus on how credibility and authoritativeness of a celebrity endorser can push niche products into the mainstream rapidly.

It will not seek the opinion of marketers and players in the advertising worldSignificance of the StudyCelebrities have been used successfully to promote mainstream products, giving them greater prominence in the market (Paul 2005).

However, they have been used sparingly in the promotion of niche products.


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