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The paper "Advertising Influence Customers - Specific Brand of Mobile Phone Handsets in London" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal.   Advertising can be referred to as “ the soul of marketing” in the highly competitive global market. The American Advertising Association defines advertising as any form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. Therefore, advertising is an essential component and an integral part of the marketing strategy of any business. Advertising is even more important in ultra-competitive markets such as the mobile phone handset or cell phone market.

The rapid emergence and growth of mobile phone brands such as Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry have intensified competition in the market by presenting an ever-widening variety of handsets to consumers. Advertising plays a key role in the sales of mobile handsets by educating customers on the various features and competitive strengths of each handset and guiding their initial and replacement purchase behaviour. The purpose of this research study is to establish the influence of advertising on customers in their purchase of a specific brand of the mobile handset in London.

This research proposal will highlight the objectives of the proposed research study. It will discuss the methodologies that will be used in this study. In addition, this proposal will provide a brief review of the literature that will be used for this study. Research Background Many studies have been conducted into the behaviour of consumers in the mobile phone handsets market. Mintel (2004) established that the most prominent market for mobile phones was the youth segment (16 to 24 years). In this market, many respondents indicated that their purchasing behaviour, primarily their choice of mobile phone handsets, was often influenced by brand image and the pursuit of new particular features offered by new models.

Advertising is the primary vehicle through which mobile phone manufacturers announce new competitive features to their target audiences and build brand image. This is accomplished through various advertising media such as print, radio, TV, internet and most recently; even mobile marketing which uses the very platform it is trying to sell. The mobile phone handset market in London has experienced exponential growth over the last two decades characterized by aggressive competition between major multinational mobile phone brands.

Established brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung are coming under increased competition from brands with sophisticated and specialized smartphones such as Apple (with the iPhone), and Blackberry. This competition has been characterized by increasing advertising expenditures by both mobile phone manufacturers and mobile service providers with global advertising expenditures for major mobile handset manufacturers increasing by 47.9 % in the one year period between 2001 and 2002. Research Objectives To determine whether advertising affects consumer perceptions of a particular brand of handsets and their decision to purchase the brand in London. To determine which form of advertising is the most effective in influencing consumer purchasing behaviour in London To establish which aspects of advertising influence consumer decision. Research questions How do advertising influence customer perception and the decision to purchase Apple’ s iPhone handsets? Which is the most effective advertising platform for the Apple iPhone handset? Which aspect of advertising influences the decision to purchase the Apple iPhone?


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