Essays on How we should develop our leadership skills Essay

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I believe that every individual is born with some leadership qualities. These leadership qualities vary from one individual to the other. For instance, one example of a leader is a person who has the abilities to perform public speaking and convince members of the society to support them like Barrack Obama, Steve Jobs, and Mitt Romney. The second type is a silent, often reserved leader who organizes everything behind the scenes like Jim Harbaugh, and John Harbaugh, and the third type of a leader is the one who leads through the use of skills such as Professor Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.

The people mentioned above are successful leaders who lived in this world. However, they experience various challenges in order to become renowned leaders. In order to develop leadership abilities from a tender age, people should love the field of leadership, or what they are doing, and they should be generous with their time and contribution to leadership development. “Do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do” (Jobs, 2011).

The first crucial element of developing leadership skills is that people should understand and love what they are doing. As what I have mentioned that there are varieties of leaders, it means there are a lot of forms of being a leader. The initial action that they should do is loving their leadership skills. For example, John Harbaugh is the head coach of Baltimore Ravens football club. He is one of the great leaders in American football because since he was young, he loved what he has been doing with regards to American Football.

He acquired a great position as a silent leader, or a man behind the scenes who creates an effective strategy during the matches of Baltimore Ravens because he has love for what he does for the team. After loving what you are doing, “you should be generous with your time, and contribution to what you are doing, ” (Korngold, 2012). This is because of the fact that by devoting a lot of time to something, you will gain a lot of experience and by doing a lot of activities; you will gain a lot of connection that may be useful for developing individual’s leadership skills.

For instance, Steve Jobs devoted a lot of time in typography, and contribution in technology. He gained a lot of experience and connection because he gave a lot of contribution to the company that he worked for like PIXAR, Disney animation and Apple. There are many types of leaders and each individual can be a great leader in society but people should sharpen their leadership abilities if they want to be successful leaders.

Basically, two effective ways to develop leadership skills include the following: the first one is to love the form of leadership that you are involved in and secondly, one should always be generous with his or her contribution and time for the leadership position. Having good leadership skills is important because leadership is one of the elements that characterize successful people.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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