Essays on How Wokinabox Organization Can Address Their Current Need Essay

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The paper "How Wokinabox Organization Can Address Their Current Need" is a perfect example of an essay on marketing. Workinabox has a current need for increasing demand for quality goods and healthier takeaway and further to create a competitive advantage. In order to attain the stated objectives, the organization has invested additional funding on marketing which is definitely a great step in the advertisement. Advertisement is an essential concept in marketing. The recommended strategy is to make considerations of the integration of direct marketing and media advertisement specifically television. Wakinabox is typical of a large business organization, therefore, it should consider the integration of the established and existing promotional activities like email marketing with advertisement through TV advertising.

The (DMA) Direct Marketing Association has recently been encouraging businesses to merge advertising strategies that are online for instance email marketing, television advertising, and direct mail. There is a direct link between the utilization of TV advertisements in relation to other media channels which can encourage greater and expanded response by the consumer. It is essential for the marketing department to transform the criteria for perceiving the affiliation between marketing through mass media and direct marketing.

There are actually proven benefits that are associated with the integration of TV and direct marketing. For the major purpose of trying to influence the consumers in order to expand the market base, it important that the advertisement used gives precise information concerning how the franchise is of good quality and a healthier takeaway. These particular descriptions can not only be described effectively through direct advertisement. It is important to integrate such advertisement strategies with TV adverts (Bovee 112). The advantage of this particular integration is that consumers can be introduced to the actual benefits associated with the products.

In addition there is a slight difference in the advertisement strategy through integration, however, the integrated analytics are principally geared towards stressing on how marketers can make an adverse shift through advertising to customers in expanded markets such as in Asia. The integrated advertisement system is a suitable channel, for meeting the goal of expanding markets and evaluation of the basic customer behavior in response to the product. For example, if the organization implemented the integrated advertisement, the behavior of consumers towards the franchise would effectively be assessed.

Consumers in regions such as Asia can be given a chance to see the product on television and further give their response through the direct advertisement systems (Keri 67-9).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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